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Announcement Trailer & Dec 2020 Dev Update

Welcome to the December 2020 Coral Island development update!

Announcement Trailer

The moment is finally here. Coral Island's announcement trailer is now live! You can check out the video below:

Everyone in the studio is excited to hear what you think. You can let us know by joining our Discord server linked here.

Kickstarter Pre-Launch Page

Our Kickstarter pre-launch page is also live. Click the Notify Me On Launch and you'll be the first to know when the campaign officially launches. Click on the following image to follow our project:

We'll have exciting stretch goals and exclusive perks, including mythical pets and even access to the private Coral Island pre-alpha, and much more. Character Reveals

Folks, this batch is our last character reveal. That said, there are still many unrevealed NPC! We want to keep them a mystery to give you something to look forward to, for when you arrive in Coral Island. Look around and meet them in person!

Meet Kira, Jack, Zarah (left to right)!

Kira. As a retired huntress with an adult son, everything in Kira’s life, right now, is basically self-sustainable. She spends her day keeping watch of the forest from the comfort of her cabin. Kira also enjoys doing yoga and playing the flute. Though retired, she still wears her combat boots, just in case...

Jack. He, his wife, Kira, and their son, Kenny live in a humble cabin in the forest. Jack works as the island’s rancher. Aside from taking care of animals, Jack spends his day managing the shop’s supplies, making sure that they have enough to sell. On some days that they don't, the ranch is closed early. His hobbies include watching cooking shows and “experimenting” in the kitchen.

Zarah. An eligible bachelorette who is an adventurer at heart. Zarah lives on a boat. She enjoys going around the island and finding treasures; be it gems, old artifacts, or a buried history. Zarah was born and raised on the other side of Coral Island. When her boat is not docked at its usual place, she is presumed to visit her family. But what really is going on in her life, nobody really knows. She can be a bit mysterious at times. Allergic to cats.

The Lineup So Far

Our Very Own Discord Server Emoji's

Last but not least, we're releasing the first batch of official Coral Island emoji's on our Discord server. What do you think?

One can never have too many emoji's at their disposal... which means we want to involve you, our community, in deciding what emoji's we should make next. Head on over to Discord and cast your vote!

What's Next

Next month is a special one, folks! The Kickstarter campaign for Coral Island is launching on February 1, 2021. We will post campaign updates and fun insights into game development throughout the month through blog posts and tweets. As always, your feedback is appreciated.

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