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April 2022 Dev Update

Welcome to the April 2022 Coral Island development update!

Please check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more:

This month, we'll go over mount riding, movement mechanics, combat, and more!

Alpha v0.08 will launch on May 9 @ 11:59PM PDT.

Mount riding

A trusty steed awaits you on Coral Island. To acquire one, you'll first need to build a stable on your farm. Some perks include increased movement speed and, most importantly, trotting into town with style.


While on your horse, you'll still be able to chat with folks in town. Don't think about entering stores though!

[yes, my name is Player, Player Player]

Movement mechanics

Dashing We've added dashing to the game! It makes exploring the island more enjoyable, but it's also an essential move-set for combat, allowing you to dodge enemies.

[press space bar to dash]


We've gone and done it. Listened to and reviewed the feedback from alpha players and voila! Vaulting is officially in the game!

[vaulting feels good y'all, press space near a fence to vault over it]

New decor mode UI

We're in the process of improving the interior decor UI. We added categories so you can find the items you're looking for more easily. There's also an added benefit: your house will now have storage space for furniture after upgrading it!

[Still a WIP!]

There will be A LOT of decorations for you to choose from on Coral Island. Take a look at some WIP assets below!

[what style do you want to see in the game?]


Our first iteration of combat will be available to test out in the upcoming Alpha update. Fleshing out combat will be next, so we're looking forward to the feedback from the community, what feels good, what needs improving, ideas, thoughts, all of it! We'll do a deep dive into combat in a future update.

[attack, block, stagger, dash - these are essentials for combat]

By the way, crates in the mine? You can now break those!

[oddly satisfying to break crates]

Other updates

For 0.08:

- All seasons unlocked, available to test (assets are WIP) - Fight a boss in the earth gate (WIP) - Water gate now accessible (early WIP)

- Revamped questing and progression

- Greenhouse is now accessible to test (WIP)

- Furniture store accessible (WIP)

- Town board requests are testable (WIP)

- Diving continues to be reworked

- Multiplayer?! (experimental, host/join, very buggy)

- Cherry Blossom minigames added (Balap Karung and Apple Bobbing) - Place objects (like chest) almost anywhere on your farm - A glimpse at one of the new NPCs - Ton's of environment/asset updates

What's next?

Next month, we'll provide updates on the following: - Revamped diving (we needed more time on this)

- Furniture store

- Combat mastery

Thanks for reading,

Stairway Team

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