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April 2023 Dev Update

Welcome to the April 2023 Coral Island development update!

Please check out our Steam page to purchase the game and find out more:

This month's dev update is part 2 of our showcase of the upcoming Summer Update. In this post, we'll new ranch animals, revamped combat, sprinkler attachments, and more!

We're planning to release the Summer Update sometime in May 2023.

New ranch animals

Here's a look at the new ranch animals you'll be able to acquire this Summer Update:


New barn animal: you can now acquire Pigs at the Ranch. As outdoor explorers with a keen sense of smell, they'll find Truffles when you let them outside.


New coop animal: you can now acquire the Quail at the Ranch! Quails produce Quail Eggs.


New barn animal: you can now acquire Goats at the Ranch. Goats will produce fresh Goat Milk, perfect for crafting artisan cheese!

Combat beta overview

The revamped combat system includes 4 new weapon types, new monsters, and combat traps. Choose between Swords, Hammers, Shields, and Spears, each bringing a unique gameplay style.

Weapon types

You can acquire weapons from the BOS shop in the forest. Be sure to try all the new weapon types and give us feedback!

Special attack

Each weapon type now comes with a special attack. As you use a weapon to fight enemies, the special attack meter will gradually build until an aura appears. The exception is the spear you can throw at any time.

Scent & ring mechanics

Scents are craftable items you can consume or attach to a trap. While active, scents alter the awareness of certain actors of your presence, making them more or less aware of you. Different scents affect different actors.

Rings are wearable equipment. You can wear up to 2 rings at a time, and they can be found throughout the world or purchased at the BOS shop. When equipped, rings provide a status effect, ranging from increasing tool use speed to gaining energy while doing activities.

Fish pond & insect house

Introducing Fish ponds and Insect houses, available from the Carpenter's. Breed various species and build a thriving farm with them!

[Fish pond preview.]

[Insect house preview.]

Sprinkler attachments

Upgrade your farming with automatic seed and fertilizer dispersal via Sprinkler Attachments. Develop these game-changers at the lab first.

Attachments in action

[The auto seed in action.]

[The auto fertilizer in action.]

Equipment Development

As you progress through the game, The Lab will start to offer you the service of developing equipment recipes.

Besides the sprinkler attachments, a lot more equipment can be developed at the lab.

For the Ranchers, you can look forward to developing the Auto petter, Auto collector, Auto feeder, and Temperature machine.

Then there's the Sturdy Computer, which will allow for online shopping. You can then develop components such as Farm stats, Fishing forecasts, and Catching forecasts for more information.

Other quality-of-life equipment, including the Auto trash collector, Sturdy Music Player, and more, can be developed!


Errands are dynamic quests that spawn on boards throughout Coral Island. Their great for extra coins and a good way to earn more heart points with townies.

[You'll see an exclamation mark when errands are available.]

[Cycle between available errands and decide whether to take them on.]

Other updates

- Reduced memory usage for smoother gameplay.

- Game balance optimizations.

- Over 175 community-reported bugs fixed!

- Cycle through clothing sets directly in your inventory, and name them too!

What's next

Next month we'll break down the next major game update, share an updated roadmap, and more with you all!

Thanks for reading,

Stairway Team

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