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August 2021 Dev Update

Welcome to the August 2021 Coral Island development update!

Please check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more:

Monthly dev updates are back! For this month’s developer update, we will share more details of the Alpha v0.02 update.

Alpha v0.02 content overview

Alpha v0.02 will launch on August 31 @ 8 PM PDT.

Over 20,000 players participated in the Alpha v0.01 of the game. Thank you so much for providing feedback on the game, sharing your impressions, and of course, finding and submitting those pesky bugs.

Ranching (erm...chicken army)

What's a farm sim game without the ability to ranch and raise some chicken? Ranching is now available to test for alpha players. Right now you're limited to raising chickens. We're excited to receive feedback!

[also, a sneak peek at our new grass model]

For now, you'll be able to purchase a Chicklet (a cut surprise awaits you) or Chicken at the Ranch. As you take care of them, you'll gain relationship points that will impact the size of the product an animal produces.

Mastery skill tree

We've reworked the skill system in the game to make the act of mastering aspects of farm life more rewarding. Now, you'll earn specific experience points into different masteries depending on what you do. For example, clearing debris on your farm and harvesting crops will yield Farming experience.

[unlock cool skills like using the scythe to harvest crops!]

After gaining enough experience, you'll level up that mastery and earn points to spend on skills. In addition, as you gain more levels, you'll also unlock crafting recipes!

Revamped exteriors

We continue to revamp and finalize many of the buildings in the game. For this month, we want to highlight the Ranch and Fishensip (the tavern).

[purchase all your ranching needs at the Ranch]

[the go-to hangout spot on Coral Island!]

Revamped interiors

Accompanying the new exteriors are completely reworked interior spaces for the Ranch and Tavern. To coincide with the ranching update, we've also made updates to the level 1 coop interior.

[now featuring cubby holes for your coop animals]

[revamped ranch interior]

[revamped tavern]

Other updates

- Added a WIP news channel

- Added a WIP shopping channel

- Experimenting with a new mouse hover based UI

- Optimized memory usage in the game

- Process fossils and nodes at the Blacksmith and Lab

- and much more behind the scenes!

Wallpaper anyone?

Rafael and seals... enough said

Bug of the month

Our lovely Alpha players have been submitting bugs left and right! For this month, we want to highlight a bug found by Discord user MisterNBD#1103.

[when humans and butterflies collide, its magical]

What's next?

Our target is to release a content update every month during Alpha. Next month, for Alpha v0.03, we hope to release Fishing gameplay, more revamped buildings, and the ability to care for cows!

Thanks for reading,

Stairway Team

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