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August 2020 Dev Update

Welcome to the August 2020 Coral Island development update! Don't forget to check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more:

Character Reveals

Meet Leah, Rafael, Frank and Erika (left to right)!

Leah lives her bachelorette life with her father and stepmom in an old massive house that the locals call “The Mansion.” She is a self-hired, yoga instructor at the community center and takes her online presence seriously. She spends her day wandering around the island with a camera on hand. Dislikes mushrooms and eggs.

Rafael, along with his older brother, Pablo, who is also an eligible bachelor, run a local blacksmith shop. As a reserved fellow, Rafael is rarely seen out at town, but on rare days that he does, he can be found at Socket Electronics or Coral Inn, visiting his cousins and niece, Valentina.

Frank: He and his brother, Noah, run the tavern at the town center. Though he doesn’t live there anymore, Frank spends most of his time at the tavern, trying out new recipes. Frank is married to his high-school sweetheart, Erika, and the couple live with their 2 cats, Peanut and Butter.

Erika: When she isn’t working at the salon or volunteering at school, she can be found around town, lending her ears to those in need, free of charge. She is honest and would say things as is. Perhaps a good candidate to marry if she weren't already married to Frank. Loves all sorts of jam!

The Lineup So Far - Almost halfway there, before surprises!

Coral Island Main Theme Song

We're excited to reveal Coral Island's main theme song. Hopefully this can give you a glimpse of the adventures that await you on the island!

[also a look at the title screen for Coral Island's early access launch]

General Store Interior & Translucent Walls

This August, we also showcase some interior work and how we deal with walls when indoors. Our pipeline is finally clear, so we are kicking interior production into high gear.

[walls will disappear when you enter rooms]

[Eva works at the General Store, she bakes the best cookies]

[work in progress look at the general store interior, polish incoming!]

Shop UI

There are several shops in Coral Island, each selling something unique. We tried our best to create a shop UI that blends both style and function. Please let us know your thoughts!

[this is our bug of the month, you can probably guess this characters name lol. Also a soon to be revealed character]

Mining Sneak Peak

What's a farming game without mining! Although the level and assets are still a work in progress, we've overcome the hardest part of mining -- building the system itself! We can't wait to show off more layouts when something more polished is here.

[a look at the general feel and vibe we are going for in the mines]

[we've added several animations that play depending on your point of entry down the rope]

Bug Of The Month

We will update this post with the bug once we have the video!

Whats Next

[your next batch of characters!]

For September we'll be taking a look at interior customization for players house! You can also expect to see more character reveals and some animation work. As always, your feedback is appreciated.

Thanks for reading, Stairway Team

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