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February 2022 Dev Update

Welcome to the February 2022 Coral Island development update!

Please check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more:

This month, we'll go over the museum, mastery, strafing, and more!

Alpha v0.07 will launch on March 7 @ 11:59PM PDT.

Happy Valentines

Happy Valentine's from the Stairway team! More importantly, who would be your Coral Island valentine?

[Rafael playing 4d chess]

Renovated Museum

A full-fledged museum can be completed in Starlet Town. It features a section for artifacts, gems, insects, fish, and fossils. Without spoiling too much, here's a glimpse of several areas inside the museum:

[artifacts are grouped and displayed based on where you find them]

[donations to the museum will increase the towns rank!]

Player Strafing Unlocked

One recurring feedback we've received during Alpha is improving the farming controls. We're excited for you to try out the strafing mechanic in-game. To strafe, hold "ctrl" while the hotbar is actively selecting a tool - it's that simple.

[movement speed is reduced while strafing for finer control]

[aiming for tiles definitely feels more precise while strafing]

[plus, we unlocked an unintended feature, the moonwalk!]

We realize a good portion of Alpha players want mouse-based controls. Although we don't have anything to share on that today, please know we'll try our best to implement it into the game.

Mastery Skills Revamped

We've revamped a significant portion of the mastery skills. Now there are a total of 15 levels and skills you can acquire for each mastery. We'll look forward to hearing feedback from Alpha players on this!

[please excuse the placeholder UI]

[The Rock Domino's skill is a popular choice internally]

Revamped interiors & exteriors

This month, we're teasing Jim's house and just a couple of the many new shortcuts that have been added to the map.

[Jim's house is now accessible to Alpha players]

[a shortcut has been added connecting the Observatory and Woodlands]

[a shortcut has been added connecting the mid forest and rice paddy terrace]

Mount riding tease

A look at what developing new features looks like.

[if one must fall through the ground, it should be done in style]

Fanart Contest Winners

@greifate (Twitter)

Tylendiel#5875 (Discord)

goompher#9124 (Discord)

@ (IG)

@ pinkylartsy (IG)

Last image credit: SDAX!

Development Timeline Update

We really appreciate your patience in waiting for Coral Island. Development is making a good pace towards the Early Access release. Below you'll find the high-level features we want to knock out before we do a polish pass and eventually release the game.

What's next?

Next month, we'll provide updates on the following: - Heritage overview

- Player clothing overview

- Updates to character customization

- Refreshed 10m diving map - And more

Thanks for reading,

Stairway Team

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