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February 2023 Dev Update

Welcome to the February 2023 Coral Island development update!

Please check out our Steam page to purchase the game and find out more:

You'll get the final sneak peek at the Spring Update this March. We highlight new content you can play through, tool enchantments, custom keybindings, and new accessibility options. Scroll to the bottom to check out the complete change list!

The Spring Update will go live in March 2023. The exact date is TBD.

Giants Storyline

Experience the part of the Giants storyline in this upcoming Spring Update. Head to the mines after you've received the Goddess Blessing to kickstart the quest.


[be sure to return to this area once you've freed the first giant!]

Tool Enchantments

Enchantments apply special effects to your tools and weapons. This feature unlocks as you progress through the game. You'll need gems, artifacts, or fossils to fuel the enchantments!

[select the tool you want to enchant and load it up with fuel!]

[a visual indication of an enchantment proccing—this is not visible during play]

Game Progression

Here is a look at other new content you'll be able to play through this Spring Update:


New coop animal: you can now acquire the Duck at the Ranch! Ducks produce Duck Eggs.


New barn animal: finally, your cows can have new company inside the barn. Acquire the Sheep at the Ranch. They produce Wool. Level 3 House

Head to the Carpenters to acquire a level 3 house for even more room! Large Logs

Large logs now spawn daily in the Mid Forest—these drop hardwood which you'll need to upgrade your house to level 3.

Mastery skills

In addition to increasing the mastery level cap to 8, we've simplified the selection of skills. Now you'll earn a skill point for every 2 levels of mastery you acquire. Decide which skill you want to unlock first!

Custom Key Binding

You can now set custom key binds for both the mouse/keyboard and controllers.

[nice feature this is!]

Accessibility Updates

We’re proud to showcase a couple of the accessibility features we’ve been hard at work on for Coral Island.

Dyslexic Font Thanks to the great folks atOpen Dyslexic, we've added a dyslexic font option for all Latin alphabet-based languages, like English.

[find the dyslexic options under the "Accessibility" tab, a restart is required]

[a look at the dyslexic font in action!]

Colorblind Mode

We're excited to include several color blind modes into Coral Island.

[find the color blind mode options under the "Accessibility" tab.]

[a look at the colorblind mode in action!]

Spring Update Changelist

Tree Planting Festival:

- Join the tree planting festival every Spring 21. It happens right behind your farm, near the Ranch.

- Replant Purwo Woods, an area devasted by illegal logging.

- See the trees grow every year until complete restoration in Year 4.

- Afterwards, the event will turn into something. Replant and find out!


- All dateable and a few townies will now change into bathing suits when doing most activities on the beach or at the hot springs.

- Both the in-game model and portrait changes!

- You can increase your heart level until level 5 with all NPC.

- Unlock additional dialogue with them.

- Unlock newly added heart events with them.

New Content

- You can open the Wind Gate now after you've reached level 40 of the Water Gate.

- Explore the Wind Gate to mine new ores and gems.

- Giants Village is now accessible!

- The first part of the Giants storyline is available to play through.

- Have dialogues with the Giants and grow your relationships with them.

- Enchant your tools with special attributes at the Giant Village.

- Fuel enchantments by donating gems, fossils, or artifacts.

- Upgrade your house to level 3 for extra rooms and a second floor.

- Duck and Sheep can now be purchased from the Ranch.

- Sheep produces Wool and can be processed with Loom to Wool Cloth.

- Duck produces Duck Egg, which can be processed with various artisan processors similar to Egg.

- Added artisan machine, Dehydrator: Turns ocean loot into dried goods.

- Added resource machine, Solar Panel: Used to produce a battery.

- 4 New Fruit Plants: Banana (Spring & Summer), Cocoa (Spring & Summer), Lemon (Fall & Winter), and Rambutan (Fall & Winter).

- Large logs spawn daily in the Mid Forest (these drop hardwood!).

- 20 New Hairstyle

- 71 New Clothing

- 4 Beards

- 17 New Outdoor Decor

- 24 New Indoor Decor


- Support for Dyslexic Font for Latin characters.

- Support for in-game font sizes modifier. You can change the font to be bigger or smaller. We recommend you use the maximum value when playing with Steam Deck!

- Support for Color Blindness filter, you can change the in-game filter to help weaknesses in Deuteranopia, Protanopia, or Tritanopia. You can also adjust the filter strength in-game to your liking.

- We’ve moved several options related to accessibility into the “Accessibility” tab to make it easier to find.

Improvements/bug fixes:

- Added various buff effects when consuming cooked items.

- Buffs give special attributes to players for a limited time.

- Upgrading to house level 2 now gives the player an oven.

- Improved the Journal feature to correctly keep track of everything you’ve captured in the game.

- Bug fixes of random crashes for low ram devices.

- Re-added Sprinkler II back.

- All sprinkler models have been made smaller.

- Various 3d model improvements.

- Rebalancing various items.

- Masteries are being reworked to up to 6 skills for each mastery.

- You can now level up until level 8 for each Mastery.

- Relationship UI now shows bathing outfits for NPC.

- Relationship UI now shows the Giants tab to see relationships with the Giants.

- Interacting with tower views across the map now show you a zoomed-out view of that area

- Play how you want with our new customized Mouse / Keyboard and Controller keybinding.

Thanks for reading,

Stairway Team

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