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Greetings from SWAG!

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Stairway Games (SWAG) is an Indonesian based indie game dev studio founded in March 2019. The studio resides in the remote region of Yogyakarta, nestled between historic Buddhist and Hindu temples. Our team currently consists of 24 passionate talents. This includes a blend of both permanent crew members and remote collaborators, operating across several time zones and disciplines.

Soma and I founded SWAG with three main goals in mind:

1. Cultivate a studio culture that is in service of creating polished games

2. Treat our fellow crew as human beings, which means a good work life balance and good pay

3. Help drive growth for the game development scene in Indonesia

Developing a game is no small feat, and several members of our team actually had little to no experience with Unreal Engine when we first started out. It’s easy to get overwhelmed thinking about the journey towards the end goal, when what matters most is the resilience to keep at it. The philosophy behind our studio name and logo is just that, the importance of pressing ‘continue’ - analogous to taking one step at a time towards our current goal, Coral Island.

Starting this month (March 31st), we will be using our website to post monthly development updates of Coral Island. Our dev updates will be posted on the last day of the month, and recap all the hard work (success and failures) we accomplish. Since we intend to launch Coral Island as an early access title, we want to establish transparency early on and internally adapt to this new working rhythm.

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