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July 2020 Dev Update

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Welcome to July’s 2020 development update! Don't forget to check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more:

Character Reveals

Meet Surya, Eva, Zoe, Anne and Paul (left to right). Here is a little bit about them:

Surya, an eligible marriage candidate, is a fresh marine biologist graduate who is currently doing a fellowship in Coral Island. Like you, he is also new to the island! Loves Lodeh dish.

Eva is a bachelorette. She is a happy-go-lucky baker who works at the general store. She enjoys talking to the islanders, be it local, new, visitors, everybody! And is good friends with a lot of them. According to the islanders, Eva is always a delight to talk to-- a positive ray of sunshine. A fan of red velvet cakes and cookies.

Zoe is a wild-life enthusiast, just like her parents. Zoe goes to school on the weekdays and spends her weekend following her dad around. She enjoys a game of volleyball, bird watching, and winters.

Anne makes a living by filming wildlife documentaries around Coral island. On the weekend, she can be found at the beach, enjoying the weather and sharpening her volleyball skills. She likes carrots and hummus combo for snacks and a cup of green tea to start the day.

Paul is a dad, husband and wildlife enthusiast. Along with his wife, Anne, the couple spends their days capturing wildlife footage around the island. He would leap out of his bed the second he is needed to save animals, without hesitation. Big heart, likes hummus.

The Lineup So Far - Moving forward, we will add newly revealed NPC's to this lineup. We hope this makes it a little easier to keep track of everyone you’ll meet in Coral Island. Note: we’re not even halfway there, plenty more to unveil!

Fishing Showcase

Coral Island features a robust fishing system. You’ll be able to catch fish in rivers, lakes and in the ocean. As you clear the island of pollution, you’ll unlock more species to catch, and perhaps, cross lines with something legendary.

[fishing is a great past time]

Animal Animations

This July, we also showcase some of the animations your farm animals will play. We have a mix of idle and 'rare' animations for you to check out:

[chicken is always full of surprises]


[one day the tail shall be caught!]

Conversation UI

We are really excited to showcase the conversation UI!

[hey look, its city boi Scott]

There are a ton of personalities to meet, so we want to make sure they look their best! After some experimentation, we feel that showing ¾ of the NPC portrait looks right. Displaying up to 3 lines of dialogue per box also feels good to read. What do you think?

Rainy and Windy Days in Coral Island

It’s not always sunny in Coral Island -- today we showcase what a windy day looks like, and how the environment changes when it rains.

[rainy days are best days]


Somewhere in Town

Nestled in Starlet Town is a temple -- it is the only one of its kind that is fully intact.

Bug Of The Month

One does not simply fish in the river.

[apparently, when it rains in Coral Island, you can fish chicken out of the river]

Whats Next

[we swapped July and August character reveals]

Next month we'll be revealing Coral Island's main theme song! You can also expect to see more character reveals and a look at the interior of the general store. Last but not least, be on the lookout for mining as well! As always, your feedback is appreciated.

Thanks for reading, Stairway Team

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