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July 2023 Dev Update

Welcome to the July 2023 Coral Island development update!

Please check out our Steam page to purchase the game and find out more:

This post is part 3 of a 3-part series where we'll be going over the content you can expect to play in the Merfolk & Fall update.

We're planning to release the Merfolk & Fall Update sometime in August 2023.

Merfolk character reveal

We're wrapping up our Merfolk reveals with a bang! Here's your last reveal:

Introducing Krakatoa, King of the Merfolk Kingdom! King Krakatoa, named after his esteemed processors, embodies the weight of his noble lineage. He carries the weight of his family's legacy with a sense of duty and fairness.

[King Krakatoa, leader of the Merfolk Kingdom.]

Merfolk kingdom

Prepare for an enchanting journey into the depths of the ocean, where the Merfolk Kingdom awaits!

[At long last, the gates will open.]

[Naga Palace interior.]

Merfolk storyline

You've witnessed the effects of the oil spill on Starlet Town. Now, we're taking the story beneath the waves. The Merfolk storyline provides a unique perspective on the spill's impact under the sea.

[What happened to the big root?!]

[You'll just have to see for yourself...]

Additional lab equipment

We're bringing more devices to the Lab to help streamline your farming and enhance your gameplay experience:

Auto Trash Collector: This device automatically collects trash when placed on the ocean floor. A great source of trash!

Ultra Scarecrow: Say goodbye to pesky crows with the Ultra Scarecrow. When placed on a farm tile, it covers a 19x19 radius, making it the ultimate crow deterrent!

Game achievements

Who's ready for some game achievements?! Here's a preview!

[52 achievements await you.]

Ranching updates

To make your ranch feels more alive, we've added a touch of realism! Animals that receive love through petting, feeding, and product collection may now take delightful daytime naps and peacefully snooze at night.

[Naps are the best thing ever!]

Animals now also have a chance to get sick. When they do fall ill, you'll need to give your animal some Animal Medicine to cure them. The season and your animal's mood influence how likely your animal is to get sick. Placing a temperature machine inside a coop or barn will prevent any animal from getting sick.

[Animals will naturally recover from sickness in 4 days if you don't give them medicine.]

Various UI updates

We continue to revamp various elements of the game UI to better communicate your in-game progress and highlight important information!

[Introducing the Town Rank activity log. See what you've unlocked as the town ranks up!]

[Cooking recipes now feature icons to indicate the buff you get when consuming them.]

[Cooking now yields two dishes!]

[Mastery also got a nice overhaul.]

Slice of life events

We've added a ton of slice of life events to the game, showcasing the everyday happenings of the community. Unlike heart events, which mostly focus on one NPC, these events bring together a wider cast of characters, unfolding naturally as you journey through the game.

[The fun.]

[The fight…and more!]

Charity cosmetic DLC

The Ocean Guardian charity DLC is still available! 100% of publisher and developer’s proceeds will benefit Coral Guardian, a non-profit org with the mission to protect & restore coral ecosystems worldwide. Preserve together! Get it here: link to awesome charity DLC

What's next

Next month we'll be taking a look at even more exciting things, including the excavation site, winter outfits, the winter fair, adoptable pets, merit points & more!

Thanks for reading,

Stairway Team

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