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June 2020 Dev Update

Welcome to another monthly development update. Before we begin, happy Pride Month!

Coral Island Is Coming to Steam

We're incredibly excited to share that our Steam page has officially launched. Please follow and wishlist the game here: Your Next Batch of Characters

Meet Theo, Macy, Dippa and Charles (left to right). Here is a little bit about them:

Theo is an eligible marriage character. On the weekends, he makes a quick buck performing live at the tavern. He doesn't have what people call a “decent voice,” but he does have “soul” when he performs. Apparently, according to him, that's what's important. Day job: a fisherman.

Macy is an eligible marriage character. She grew up in a neighboring island and now lives full time at the Inn. She makes a living by selling images to a visual media company, Pletty inc. She loves simple nights, taking pictures, playing video games and Stephen, her rescued lobster.

Dippa usually spends their day looking for inspiration and painting around the island. They do not like night-outs, and think that those days are behind them.

Charles, a town doctor, uses his free time catching up with the islanders at the tavern and going around spitting out medical advice. Has pollen allergy, dislikes flowers.

Default Player Model

Please join us in welcoming version 1.0 of the farmer you might play as. Later this year, we'll showcase the customization options that will be available for your farmer at launch. Let us know what you think!

[your farmer will play different idle animations depending on the in-game time of day]

UI Showcase

The first iteration of our UI has finally made it into the game... So we finally feel comfortable showing you all a glimpse of what to expect.

[text temporarily appears above icons when cycling through the inventory]

[other screens to give you a glimpse of various UI elements]

Improved Character Movement Animations

The biggest complaint we received from the initial gameplay snippet was the lacking quality in movement animation. We've tried to improve this by adding locomotion, which blends animations together. Feedback appreciated!

[start and end jogging anims are blended onto the new improved base jogging anim]

[we've added sprinting into the game, and it comes with a cool stop animation]

Tree Chopping & Translucency

Being able to see behind a tree is really important in farming games. We've spent a lot of time developing our solution, which both feels good, and keep those FPS up.

[there is no such thing as hide and seek with the trees on your farm]

[Best Lumberjack Ever]

Bug Of The Month

MJ does a moonwalk.

Chicken: "hold my beer'

What's Coming Next Month

Next month, stay tuned for more character reveals and a look at fishing in the game. We'll also be showcasing what both rain and windy days look like on Coral Island. As always, your feedback is appreciated.

Thanks for reading, Stairway Team


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