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June 2021 Dev Update

Welcome to the June 2021 Coral Island development update!

Please check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more:

For this month’s developer update, we will share more details of the upcoming Alpha.

Alpha Content

To start, we want to be transparent and share with you all that Alpha content for 0.01 will be a bit different from what we originally planned. We are a bit behind in some areas and ahead in others. The worsening pandemic in Indonesia has made it an incredibly challenging time for production. In the past month, several of our team members became infected with Covid; as of this update, a couple more are out sick because of it.

It’s not all bad news, though. Despite all this, Alpha will still release as scheduled on July 31st. Below you will find a revised breakdown of what you can expect from the initial Alpha 0.01 release:


To summarize the highlights of what you will be able to do during Alpha 0.01:

  • Play the game in English (the only available language for now!)

  • Create your character with basic customization (limited body types, hairstyles, and outfits)

  • Play through the Spring Season (the season will be looped)

  • Experience basic weather (Sunny, Rainy, Windy)

  • Decorate your house with basic furniture

  • Plant 12 Spring Crops

  • Enter the Blacksmith, Carpenter, Museum, Lab, & Charles’ House.

  • Upgrade your tools & seeds

  • Craft basic items

  • Increase NPCs’ hearts to 2 (unlock more dialogue)

  • Dive the North, South, West, and East maps @ 10m depth

  • Mine 25 levels in the Earth Gate

  • Obtain Skills (Tier 1 only)

  • Do basic Quests

  • Donate basic items to the Museum

Things that didn’t make it for Alpha 0.01:

  • Ranching system (no chicken army)

  • Purchasing farm building

  • Heart event cutscenes

  • Some introduction cutscenes

  • Basic onboarding

In addition, here are ten things that you should do on Alpha 0.01!

  • Be mentally and physically prepared to start over your game, many many times.

  • Stumble upon surprising and unexpected bugs (like noodle hands!)

  • Report the bugs to us to be fixed

  • Waiting patiently while we do maintenance for the fixes

  • Sending us your feedback and suggestions for us to improve

  • Finding out our hidden Easter Egg!

  • Explore the beautiful island and meet its wonderful residents

  • Listening to some beautiful OST music while you’re playing

  • Share the experience with fellow Alpha players

  • Last but not least, and most importantly - have fun!

Thanks for reading,

Stairway Team

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