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June 2022 Dev Update

Welcome to the June 2022 Coral Island development update!

Please check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more:

This month, we look at mouse-based controls, the Hotspring, more updated NPC models and more!

Alpha v0.09 will launch on July 11 @ 11:59PM PDT.

Mouse based controls

You asked, and we listened. By default, you now use your mouse to determine which tile you to hit. We're very pleased with how this turned out.

We're also still on track to release the controller support and look forward to receiving feedback from Alpha players.

The Hotspring

Ah, the Hotspring, a place to relax and unwind. When functional, pay a visit, and soak yourself in the warm water to recover some stamina!

[what happened to the Hotspring?]

Updated NPC models

Check out the upgraded models for Dippa, Zarah, Frank, and Yuri!

[Dippa usually spends their day looking for inspiration and painting around the island. Luke's store sells their paintings! Check often!]

[A bachelorette. Zarah is an adventurer at heart. She enjoys going around the island and finding treasures; be it gems, old artifacts, or a buried history.]

[Frank is married to his high-school sweetheart, Erika and the couple lives in Starlet Town with their two cats, Peanut and Butter.]

[Yuri's goal in Coral Island is to be a part of a community and hang her traveling coat on the rack for good. Will the traditional lifestyle bore a thrill-seeker like Yuri? Or is mainstream good?]

[correction from last month, who doesn't love a good A pose]

Furniture store UI

Check out the furniture store UI. We've spent a lot of time making sure the shopping experience is frictionless. This is especially important given the large number of items you can purchase to decorate your farm and house with.

You can shop by looking at styles or selecting the catalogue and view items by category. Let us know what you think!

Future blog posts and minimizing spoilers

For this month, we had originally planned to showcase revamped diving and reveal more interior locations. To make sure you have the best experience playing Coral Island for the first time when it launches into Early Access, we've decided to hold off on doing this. For Alpha players, note that for the Alpha 0.09 update, we've unlocked all interior locations and most of the newly revamped diving will be accessible too. Looking forward to getting feedback!



What's next?

We will resume the monthly dev blog in September. Between July and August, all hands will be on deck finalizing the Early Access game content, polishing assets, and optimizing the game performance.

Thanks for reading,

Stairway Team

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