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March 2020 Dev Update

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Welcome to our first monthly development update! This post is particularly special because we are finally showing in-game footage of Coral Island. Please keep in mind that everything is a work in progress -- many assets are still placeholder, and lack the final polish the released game will have. All that being said, we hope this gives a solid look into the direction we are taking the game.

Here is a short video to kick things off, showing some debris interaction gameplay. We will post another video, with a much more in depth look next month.

Your Farm

Coral Island is set on a tropical island, and this is the plot of land that you’ve purchased. It comes with a farmhouse of your choosing. You'll have three styles to select from!

(Your farmhouse, partial view of your farm land and the initial concept art)

Pesky Debris

Clear debris to start farming. We use alembic animations to provide tactile feedback for your tools. These animations store complex data while being relatively light weight to run!

Custom Characters and In-game Camera

Here is a glimpse of the characters you’ll be able to create using the character creator. We are still iterating on the design language of the models, and hope to show you the improvements we've made in future updates. Also attached is a look at the min and max zoom range of the in-game camera.

Carrier Birds

On Coral Island, most mail is delivered by carrier birds. You’ll start with a trusty pigeon, and will have the option of acquiring and unlocking other birds as you progress through the game.

Current Game Performance

We have two primary rigs for performance testing that captures a large range of compute power. The results below is from early, unoptimized code and shaders. We’re excited about where performance is currently at!

GTX 1050 TI, Ryzen 1700x @ 1080p is averaging 55-60 fps High settings, and 100% resolution scale

GTX 2080 TI, i9 9900k @ 4k is averaging 110-150 fps Epic settings, and 100% resolution scale

Next Update We are working hard on our smart tile and grass system, in addition to other exciting things, for the next development update. We'll also be showing a deeper look at the core farming aspect of the game. Thanks for reading, Stairway Team


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