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March 2021 Dev Update

Welcome to the March 2021 Coral Island development update!

Please check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more:

In March 2021, we hired more devs, set a new benchmark for NPC 3d models, got the ball rolling on interior improvements, worked on alpha content, and managed the pre-order store! Let's take a closer look:

We hired more devs!

NPC 3d models, new and improved… Now with fingers!

We are working on the new benchmark for Coral Island's NPC model. With the current timeline, we expect to have all NPC's in their Spring outfits ready for the early access release. We've updated the scale, body proportion and tweaked lots of details.

During alpha, all NPC's will be released with old models, as the new ones are not yet ready. Check it out!

[Alice and Theo Status: Work-in-progress. 3d modelling, emotional growth and otherwise.]

Brand new interior designs

We are improving the interiors by making them feel lived in. To do this, we look into each NPC’s unique characteristics and fuse them into the design of their bedroom, kitchen, and even the whole house… This means we'll be creating over 1000+ unique props to accommodate this major change (on top of the current available common props!).

[Archie's room concept art. Spot the guling!]

[Archie's room in-game. Status: WIP]

For the Coral Island Alpha Access, most rooms will only have placeholder assets. Each room is a work in progress and we will use common props for a lot of the interiors. Bear in mind that some rooms, and even buildings, will be inaccessible for Players during Alpha.

[Alice's room concept art]

Public Roadmap

The alpha release is delayed to July 2021. We are asking for an extra month to polish the experience. Going into Kickstarter, we did not expect to receive this level of support. There are over 20k alpha farmers! While this is amazing and we are very grateful for it, to be candid, it also feels daunting.

To make the most out of your feedback, we will be releasing content and features in 3 tranches for Alpha. Please take a look at the roadmap below:

Pre-order Store

The exclusive reward (Premium outfits, Crowns, and Mythical pets) ends at 10 pm EST (GMT-4) on March 31st, 2021. The store will be closed for 1 hour to reflect this change.

Starting April 1st, 2021, the Coral Island pre-order store only has:

1. Alpha pack (steam only)

2. Double-double pack (steam only)

3. Coral Island game key (steam only)

4. Digital Art Book + OST

5. Pre-order exclusive Pack (Alpha access + steam game key + artbook + ost)

March pre-order Double-Double, Deluxe Farmers, and Pioneers backers will receive the survey by next week. If you do not receive/ fill in the survey, please do not worry. It does not cancel your order.


Coral Island is adding Dutch and Italian to our list of localization. Here is the list of language that Coral Island will support:

Bug of the month

Spinning Giants for the win!

Thanks for reading, Stairway Team

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