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March 2022 Dev Update

Welcome to the March 2022 Coral Island development update!

Please check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more:

This month, we'll go over player customization, a new in-game tool, and TV shows!

Alpha v0.08 will launch on May 9 @ 11:59PM PDT.

Clothing updates

The more, the merrier! We are adding more options to your fashion needs. All clothes will fit all body types.

[Oh, you're a fan of AB/CD band? Name three songs!]

[Yes, those are wings. No, you can't fly.]

Player customization updates

Facial hair! Some beards and mustaches are in stock. Just like any of our clothes, facial hairs are available for all body types.

Meet the Vaquatic

After testing out some ocean cleaning mechanics, we've decided to use a suction system, the Vaquatic. Aim to the target and clean away.

TV shows on Coral Island

On Coral Island, there is a variety of channels on television. Some of the channels are informative (the Shopping Channel, etc) and some are purely for entertainment.

Mooqbang and Game of Cones are examples of entertaining shows that broadcast weekly. There are plenty more. Stay tuned!

[Mooqbang is an eating show where the main star, a cow named Mooq, will eat and rate several barn foods.]

[Game of Cones is a cooking competition show between two chefs, with different chefs each episode.]

What's next?

Next month, we'll provide updates on the following: - Mount riding

- Revamped diving mechanics

- New decor mode UI

- Combat

Thanks for reading,

Stairway Team

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