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May 2020 Dev Update

Welcome to another monthly development update!

Coral Island Key Art

We’re very excited to share Coral Island’s key art and cover. We'll be updating various social channels with it, so please don't be surprised when you see it. Please let us know what you think! Meet More Characters

Meet Lily, Scott, Joko and Dinda (left to right). Here is a little bit about them:

Lily is an eligible marriage character. Despite having a well-paid remote job, Lily still lives at home with her dad and brother. Usually, she spends her days working at home and would visit the lake or the library on the weekend. Loves bonsai.

Scott is an eligible marriage character, and is a city boy at heart. Always up for fun and is never a bore. He found his passion for artifacts and has dedicated his life to it.

Joko is a local carpenter who lives in Hillside. He spends a lot of his time after work teaching his son, Archie, skills such as fishing or pumpkin carving near the forest.

Dinda is also a carpenter. Other than carpentry, Dinda tends to her herb garden, cooks, and busies herself with community activities such as yoga on Saturday.

Tile Visual Guide

By default, the tile visual guide will be enabled for gameplay. We've found that it really helps players keep track of which tile they are actively interacting with. However options are a good thing, so you'll be able to disable this for a more minimalist experience.

[having the tile guide really helps!]

Floaties Drop System

Gathering resources is key to progressing in the game -- for example, you can craft items and build new farm buildings with them. Debris now have a chance of dropping resources when you clear them.

[we also reduced the animation time for debris to disappear]

Holding Item System

We've developed a holding system that contextually decides whether to hold items up top or in front of the player depending on its size. Believe us, the egg looked real silly up top!

[we added the puff for 'up top' items to make it appear more seamless -- did it work?]

Steam Page Coming Soon A sneak peak at the work in progress steam page!

[this one image represents our biggest dreams]

Boring... But Important Things

There is a lot of work being put behind the scenes to make the game, well, a game. One example of this are the NPC schedules. We want the characters in Coral Island to feel more alive than static. Having daily routines that change depending on season, weather and even what the player accomplishes helps sell this!

[Each file above represents a unique daily routine that Mayor Connor has, depending on in-game conditions... imagine something similar for all NPC's!]

Bug Of The Month

There are no words...

[well, actually, we could be looking at our first enemy, the rock?!]

Whats Next

We really apologize (again) for not providing an updated video of farming this month. The truth is, we think it would be a better idea to post the new video alongside the Steam wish list announcement -- which is happening at the end of next month. Alongside the Steam wish list announcement, we'll also be revealing the default farmer models and the games UI. As always, you can also expect to meet another batch of characters, so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading, Stairway Team


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