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May 2023 Dev Update

Welcome to the May 2023 Coral Island development update!

Please check out our Steam page to purchase the game and find out more:

This month we've got lots to share! We'll start with the release news & the updated roadmap, then go over the next game update, our biggest to date, which combines the Merfolk & Fall update into one. This post is part 1 of a 3-part series where we'll be going over the content you can expect to play in the Merfolk & Fall update.

We're planning to release the Merfolk & Fall Update sometime in August 2023.

Updated roadmap

We're excited to share some news with you all! To reflect our current pace of development, we've made updates to Coral Island's roadmap. Take a look at our updated roadmap to see what's coming up, starting with the "Merfolk & Fall Update" in August 2023.

To our console players and backers, we haven't forgotten about bringing Coral Island to other platforms. We apologize for not providing more updates on this so far, but please be assured that we are still actively working out the details. Although we don’t have all the information to share at this moment, we will keep you informed as soon as we have concrete updates. *Rewards for console backers and the Character Designer Pack tier will be delivered at a later time.

Merfolk character reveal

We're revealing the first of many Merfolk characters! We can't spill all the beans just yet, but we can spill some beans! Our team is working hard to bring this unique character to life. Drumroll, please...

Meet Princess Miranjani, one of the dateable Merfolk! She lives in the Kingdom with her family. Sweet, kind, with curiosity as boundless as the galaxy. Thinks door knobs are the coolest thing. We're going to be tight-lipped on more details, but tease more we shall. A sneak peek below at the other Merfolk you'll encounter in the upcoming update:

[The royal Merfolk family.]

[More Merfolk: Redacted, Redacted and Redacted.!]

Fall outfits

We're excited to release the third set of seasonal clothing in this upcoming update: fall outfits! Here's a preview:

[Mark, Bree, Archie, Millie and Theo]

Take a look at these outfits in-game. Let us know what you think!

[Mark in Fall outfit.]

[Millie in Fall outfit.]

[Theo in Fall outfit.]

[Bree in Fall outfit.]

[Archie in Fall outfit.]

Last batch of ranch animals

Your final batch of ranch animals will be available in the upcoming update. Check them out!


New coop animal: you can now acquire the Peafowl at the Ranch! Peafowls have a chance at dropping Feather.


New barn animal: you can now acquire Luwak at the Ranch. They'll find Gesha Coffee around your farm when you let them outside.

Heart 8 with NPCs

In the Merfolk & Fall Update, you’ll able to reach up to heart 8 with all NPCs! We've added many heart events that can now be accessed, so don't forget to check them out. Here are a couple events that we like:

[Look at those moves!]

[Anytime Noah... anytime.]

Sturdy computer

Today we're taking a closer look at the Sturdy Computer, one of the many devices you can develop at the Lab. Once crafted, you can use your sturdy computer for online shopping.

Add items to your cart from select shops around town, and when ready, confirm your order for a 10-minute delivery, straight to your mailbox, by way of a carrier pigeon!

But that's not all! You can develop components at the lab and add functionality to the Sturdy Computer.

Whether it's the Foraging, Fishing, or Catching component, each gives you real-time information about what has spawned in the world on any given day.

We hope this is helpful for those looking to complete their Museum collection!


We've also added Shed that can be purchased at the Carpenter. The shed provides an interior area of 17x17 for those of you that want more space!

Decor (Indoor & Outdoor)

Last but not least, we're adding more decor to the game!

[Merfolk indoor decor!]

[Merfolk outdoor decor!]

What's next

Next month we'll reveal another Merfolk, showcase automated Ranching devices, the architects desk, and go over the Spooky Festival.

Thanks for reading,

Stairway Team

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