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November 2020 (mini) Dev Update

Welcome to the November 2020 Coral Island development update! Please check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more:

Character Reveals

Meet Bree, Jim, Randy, Emily, Luke (left to right)!

Bree. This model-turned-housewife spends her days doing quality control for her vineyard. She is also an excellent homemaker who loves cooking gourmet meals and throwing parties. With a little bit of light detective work, Bree should be in her late 40s, though she's never directly confirmed this. To this day, it remains a mystery.

Jim. As a retired fisherman, he used to supply fish and seafood to local establishments. His son Theo inherited his boat and now fishes, something Jim is indifferent towards. With plenty of time on his hand, he spends the day making killer smoke salmon and helps run the Beach Shack.

Randy. As a full-time elementary teacher, Randy's remarkable ability to explain complex ideas in a very simple and easy-to-understand manner comes in handy. When he isn’t at school, he can be found at the Vineyard enjoying a glass of wine with his wife, Ling, or reading at the Library.

Emily. She runs the hair salon with Erika and lives on the second floor of the General Store, with her husband, Sam. The couple has been wanting to start a family since getting married, however have been unsuccessful. Emily has a heart for vintage items and thinks mushrooms are disgusting.

Luke. Coming from old-money, this bachelor lives with his parents and dog, Taco, in the manor behind the vineyard; a family business that he feels pressured to take over. Not a fan of the silver spoon, Luke runs Socket Electronics in his spare time in an attempt to create a name for himself, separate from his family legacy.

The Lineup So Far

Farm Animals: Goat and Sheep

For Coral Island's Cow and Pig concept art, we went with a cute and kind-looking design, so we thought it would be fun to switch it up to a dignified and brisk look for Goat.

Goat. A barn-dwelling animal. They produce Goat Milk which can be turned into Goat Cheese for a premium charge. PS: extra goatee for that extra wise look.

Another barn-dweller, Sheep! Sheep can be sheared for its wool every several days. Keep in mind that a bad mood slows down wool growth. Also, we decided to go with four growth stages to emphasize its design.

Animation: Cow

This month, we want to share Coral Island's cow animation. As shown above, Cow is idling, presumably grazing grass outdoor on a sunny day! Don't worry about leaving your farm animals outside. To retire at the end of the day, cows will walk themselves back into the barn. So, relax and go about your business!

Summer Main Theme Music

After several attempts to choose the right Summer vibe and countless tweaks to master it, we present you with Coral Island's main Summer music. We incorporate traditional instruments, such as Siter Jawa (from Indonesia). Let us know what you think!

What's Next

Next month, we will be revealing 3 more characters, some animal showcase, and music. It's also a month away from the announcement trailer! As always, your feedback is appreciated.

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