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November 2021 Dev Update

Welcome to the November 2021 Coral Island development update!

Please check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more:

This month, we'll go over the highlights of Alpha v0.05.

Alpha v0.05 will launch on November 30 @ 11:59PM PDT.

We're grateful

Everyone at Stairway has a lot to be thankful for this year. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Cherry Blossom festival

We've completed most of the assets for the Cherry Blossom festival. To avoid spoilers, we'll only be showing the entrance and lake area:

Below, the decorated lake and a sneak peek at the Cherry Blossom festival music!

Festival day decor

Themed umbul-umbul (penjor) are displayed around Coral Island on festival day. The goal is twofold: communicate that it's festival day and help guide players to the festival area.

Umbul-umbuls will be decorated differently based on what festival is being held:

[hmm, mooncake!]

[an early in-game look what the umbul-umbul will look like]

Fast travel

Oh, the places you'll go!

Introducing the fast travel system. As you progress through the game, you'll unlock tokens that can be used to activate teleport spots around the map. Here is a look at it in action:

[alpha players, please note that fast travel will be limited to 5 areas for now]


Farm buildings upgrade

More room for farm friends! Alpha players will now be able to upgrade both the coop and barn building. There is a total of one upgrade for each building, giving you a maximum capacity of 8 animals per building.

[the upgrade flow]

[one can never have too many chikins]

Revamped buildings

This month, we're showing off the interiors for the clinic and school. As for exteriors, we'll be showcasing what the townies call the dump.


[no comment]


[the clinic]

[the school]

Revamped grass & mines

Progress continues to be made in the mines, and grass. Yes, we finally have grass!

New environment grass

[we're still in the process of applying grass across the map]

[a close up of the new grass]

Mines Earth theme

A lot of progress was made on the mines this month. An additional 15 levels have been redecorated with improved assets!


Edited dialogue

More edited dialogues this month!

Other updates & behind the scenes

- The Q&A system with NPC's has been delayed to next month

- Woodlands is now open to Alpha players

- 'Grass' now drops from scything grass. The mill is required to process `grass` into `fodder`. Fodder can now be dispensed inside coop and barn provided player has a Mill.

- Added music for buildings, including Carpenter, General Store, and more!

- Basic town rank implemented. For now, you can earn points by donating to the museum, planting super coral, and completing sesajen offerings at the temple. As town rank increases, merchants will have more items to sell

What's next?

Next month, for Alpha v0.06, we've got the following planned: - Giants gameplay - Town rank fully implemented - Q&A system with NPC

- HD Wallpaper for backers revealed and delivered

- And more!

Thanks for reading,

Stairway Team

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