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November 2022 Dev Update

Welcome to the November 2022 Coral Island development update!

Please check out our Steam page to purchase the game and find out more:

This month we'll go over the upcoming Feedback Update. Many of your great suggestions have been applied to the game. Let's take a look at some highlighted additions and end with the full change list.

Please note that the Feedback Update is currently in Beta. Join our Discord to learn more about it!

We're hoping to release Feedback Update in the 2nd/3rd week of December.

Highlighted Additions

Check out some of the highlighted additions below!

[some new hairstyles]

[some new clothing]

[physics added to player hair]

[you can now see a birds-eye view of your farm]

[open the festival pamphlet to see all the activities you can do]

[scale hud, offering and donation icons added]

Player Feedback & Suggestions

  • Craft from anywhere. Stored resources are now accessible from anywhere when you craft.

  • Hold the RMB over a tile to display more information about it, ie, the planted crop and the number of days left until harvest

  • "Donated" icon so you can see if you've donated an item to the museum or not

  • "Offering" icon added so you can see if an item can be offered to the Goddess

  • Improved Interactions on farm buildings. It should now be easier to enter/leave farm buildings

  • Added a button on the relationship tab where you can click to "find" where an NPC is currently on the map (currently not functioning on the controller)

  • Added a comprehensive sorting feature inside the relationship tab. You can now sort by certain criteria such as, heart level, eligible partners, upcoming birthdays and more

  • Waiting time for fish to bite has been reduced

  • Added ability to resize mouse cursor size

  • Added option to rescale HUD elements like Gameplay HUD and Hotbar.

  • Added rope as a possible rare spawned item in the mines to make going through a little easier

  • Reduced the price of moving buildings down from 2000c to 300c

  • Simplified the flow of acquiring hay. Hay can now be acquired by destroying weeds and grass. For grass, the season that you destroy it will influence the chance of finding hay

  • Made the mysterious letter date riddle more obvious

  • Pressing the middle mouse button on a stack of items in a storage container will automatically move them to the next available spot inside the player inventory

  • Improved sorting option inside chests

  • Add a sort button for the backpack, press “x” on KB/M to sort by category

  • Added option to display time in AM/PM. This is currently limited to the gameplay hud clock. Time in other areas of the game is still displayed in 24 hours

  • Added option to zoom in the camera a bit more

  • Buffed the price of crop slightly

  • Rebalanced artisan goods processing time and increase the price of artisan goods

  • Decorative calendars that are placed inside the house are now functional

  • Hot pepper can now be placed into Mason Jars

  • Option to match hair color and eyebrow color

  • When customizing colors in character customizer, currently selected color will be used as the starting point inside the color wheel

  • Added map markers in the game for festivals to help you find where they are located, currently limited to festivals

  • Added hair physics to various player character hair styles

  • Improve the behavior of spawned wildlife

  • The 2 gift limit per week now excludes birthday gifts

  • Nerfed how often legendary fish can be caught, ie Great White Shark

  • Added storage component to dressers. You can now store clothes inside them and preview outfits. Currently only works on 1 dresser

  • Tweaked the logic for grass spread, it will no longer destroy crops by creeping over a fence

  • Added coffers and geodes as possible spawn chance when fishing in various areas

  • Time now moves twice as slow when inside the Museum, so you can enjoy what you’ve collected without feeling rushed

  • You can now place chests inside your home

  • TV shows will disappear the day after you’ve viewed their content. Now you won’t mistakenly see the same show twice (unless there aren’t any new shows left)

  • Increase chance for rock domino to occur

  • Rebalance the requirements for explosive

  • Removed the gap between coop/barn and fences. Animals will no longer slip through

  • Improved the spawning logic for fish. There should now be more variety in terms of how they spawn

  • Made Okra behave as it does in real life, now continues bearing crop after harvest

  • Added text to make clear which quests are not completable and or are still a work in progress

  • Nonfunctioning Festivals will no longer spawn. The player will also no longer receive mail about them

  • Added option to remove the “low stamina” screen effect inside the in-game settings.

  • Reduced the chance for crops to get destroyed during stormy weather.

New Features

  • Museum donation UI

  • Lab fossil process UI

  • Festival pamphlet UI (open to see where the main event and minigames are located)

  • Soft bristle brush now allows fossils and torn pages to drop

  • Library book UI

  • Damaged books now spawn and can be accessed in the library

  • Museum reward mechanics added

  • Festival rewards were added for various minigames

  • Added 4 fruit plants into the game: rambutan, banana, avocado, and dragon fruit

  • Added option to view farm from bird's eye view, press P inside the farm area to enter/exit this mode. Toggle the UI by pressing T

  • Added ability to delete save (USE WITH CAUTION)

  • Cows/sheep will now display all possible interaction options for that day, ie heart and milk icons will show when the animal can be petted and milked/sheared

Improvements/bug fixes

  • Updated all tool models. They appear like the icons and will reflect the current quality

  • Add quality stars to upgraded Produce from the lab, ie, seedbags and seedlings

  • Improved tools use animation. Previously tools disappeared too soon on use

  • Various typos and grammar have been fixed

  • Time no longer runs when filling out the feedback form

  • Ore veins in watergate now drop silver ore

  • Increased the time it takes for baby animals to become adults

  • Fixed various clothing-related bugs like the incorrect skin color carrying over after shopping

  • Simplified shopping for cooking utensils. All utensils are now always available at socket & pan. The featured utensil on the TV show is discounted for the week

  • Enabled option to donate to Cherry Blossom Potluck

  • Increase the price of various clothing and furniture

  • Secret forest shop items and clothing are now functional

  • Fish bait is now craftable and functional

  • Updated various UI button prompts for better readability

  • Fixed overly dark shadows on farm animals

  • Improved layout of various UI and added cool transition animation

  • Pressing E and Space during dialogue will now fast forward dialogue

  • Improve the reward you get for donating 50 items to the Museum as part of the [REDACTED] questline

  • Added confirmation prompt when leaving mines/diving through the rope and anchor

  • Added fast travel to hotspring

Controller Support

  • The game will now detect if the player is plugging a controller and will automatically switch all button prompts into controller mode when the player starts using the controller.

  • Option screen will now display 2 new tabs, and the player will now be able to review all the action list with its input. (Rebinding input will be supported in the next update)

Hairstyle, Clothing & Decor

  • Hairstyle : 20

  • Clothing : 61

  • Outdoor Decor : 17

  • Indoor Decor : 24

Thanks for reading,

Stairway Team

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