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October 2021 Dev Update

Welcome to the October 2021 Coral Island development update!

Please check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more:

This month, we'll go over the highlights of Alpha v0.04.

Alpha v0.04 will launch on October 31 @ 11:59PM PDT.

Happy Halloween!

Spooky, but then make it *Coral Island*.

Bug catching

Get your Bug net ready! We're releasing an early WIP bug-catching system! Eventually, you will donate bugs and unlock an area for them at the Museum (not ready for Alpha). In the meantime, purchase a bug net at the Beach Shack, and start catching! P.S. the bug models are placeholder and not final.

[There are different types of bugs depending on the time of day, location, and seasons.]

[Not a-sneaking-type of farmer? Don't worry. Find slow bugs. Shown above: caterpillar. Adorable and slow.]

[Careful though! Some bugs are very fast and perceptive of human movement. Sneaking might just be necessary to catch them.]

Thank you to all the backers that made bug-catching a reality in Coral Island. This is one of the first stretch goals we unlocked on Kickstarter.

Player house upgrade

You can now upgrade the house! In the first house upgrade, you will receive a kitchen that allows you to cook various dishes. Pay a visit to the Carpenters and they'll be able to help you with upgrading the house. Make sure to bring enough money!

[the exterior of the first house upgrade]

[look at all that space, plus a built-in kitchen!]

Coral Shopping

Have too much money and don't know where to spend it? Worry not. Introducing Coral Shopping! Here you'll find items to complete your Kitchen. Check out the channel on your TV to find out what's for sale. Then, head to Socket & Pan to make a purchase. New items are available for purchase every Tuesday!

[a look at what the shopping flow looks like... purchased items are installed in your kitchen. Anyone else feel a little nostalgic?]

Cooking part 1

In Coral Island, there are two ways to cook. By recipes and manual. You can simply click on any learned recipe on the recipe tab or do it the old-fashioned way, mix and match. High risk, high return, right?

[there are around 10 utensils to collect... I spy, with my little eye, a Blender, Grill...what else?]

[recipes tab are the easiest way to cook things you've already cooked before]

[the manual tab is for the adventurous; mix and match utensils and ingredients and unlock recipes yourself through trial and error. PS, please don't mind the placeholder art above]

Please note Alpha players, only the recipe section is available in the 0.04 update.

Revamped Buildings

This month, we're showcasing Socket & Pan, Salon, Community Center, and Jim's house. Keep in mind that Salon's, animal shelter's and clothing store's features are NOT ready for Alpha...that said, don't let it stop you from exploring the interiors. There might be interesting notes in there.


[Socket & Pan]

[Jim's House. This is where Jim, Lily and Theo live.]


The animal shelter is where you'll go to adopt a pet. For all the Kickstarter backers with the Pet Design tier, this is where you can meet your pet! Also worth noting, the Community Center is one of the largest interiors we've worked on to date.

[The Community Center has 5 rooms inside it: Yoga room, White Flamingo clothing store, town hall, library, and an animal shelter. We're not going to show more due to SPOILERS]

[Salon is run by Emily and Erika. One word = chic.]

[Socket & Pan. Submit your TV shopping orders here!]

Cutscenes & dialogue

More edited dialogues, more cutscenes, more fun!

Other updates

- Added a WIP Town Rank system, check it out in the community center

- Experimenting with additional simplified daytime music

- Experimenting with cloud shadows in the game

- Display player objective in the Diving UI level selector

- Completed exteriors not listed: Mansion and Clinic

- Unlocked the Look Out area, now accessible to Alpha players

- Added a WIP glossary section to the main UI

What's next?

Next month, for Alpha v0.05, we've got a lot planned: - Open up the Woodlands area to Alpha players - Unlock farm building upgrades (for barn and coop) and the Greenhouse - First version of the Town Rank system that ties the game together - New Q&A dialogue system with NPC's (unlock questions/topics to discuss with an NPC as you get closer with them)

- More revamped buildings (exteriors and interiors)

- And much more!

Thanks for reading,

Stairway Team

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