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September 2021 Dev Update

Welcome to the September 2021 Coral Island development update!

Please check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more:

This month, we'll go over the highlights of Alpha v0.03 and provide an update on Coral Island's release.

Ranching part 2 (mooo)

Ranching sees a big update this month. We release the barn, which allows you to purchase your first Barn animal, baby & adult cow. You'll buy the Barn from the carpenter and the cow itself from the Ranch. While at the Ranch, be sure to purchase a Milk Pail so you can get to milking!

[baby & adult cow, just mooing around the barn]

[over time, baby cows turn into adult cows]

Move or sell farm animals

[please excuse the programmer UI art for the move and sell buttons, lol]

Fishing Gameplay

For all of you fishers out there, your time has finally arrived. You can finally fish in the game! Currently, there are only about 10 fish you can catch. Where you find them depends on where you'll fish: in the ocean, river, or lake.

[purchase a fishing pole at the Beach Shack]

Please be mindful! Cast length in our game impacts the size of fish you are likely to catch. For example, a shorter cast has a higher chance of catching a small fish like the goldfish.

[how long you hold the cast button will determine the cast length]

Map 2.0 (featuring player tracking!)

Player tracking on the map was one of the most requested features we received after launching Alpha. With the new map, you'll be able to do just that!

[check it out, that's you, Player!]

We're working to tie the map tracking experience with the social mastery component of the game. By acquiring the appropriate skill and heart level with an NPC, you'll be able to see an icon of them on the map.

[we are still playing around with the NPC icons for the tracking feature]

Revamped exteriors

More revamped exteriors this month! We want to highlight the Beach Shack, Millie's house, Frank & Erika's house, and last but not least, a new coffee spot. Check it out!

[consider stopping by the Beach Shack!]

[Millie's house]

[Frank & Erika's house]

[new coffee spot, and what's that other thing?]

Revamped interiors & mines

Reworked interiors accompany the new Beach Shack and Barn. In addition, new rooms have been added to already accessible interiors. We also start set dressing the mines in preparation for the game's story. So far, we've decorated the first 5 levels. More to come next month!

[checkout the Beach Shack]

[updated mines, what do those carvings mean...]

[updated barn]

Other updates

> Added the ability to move or destroy farm buildings

> Added a `LookAtFunction`. NPC's turn their head to look at Player when they are near

> Added preliminary assets for the `SuperCoral` questline

> Dormant oil rigs placed in a couple of spots around the island by Pufferfish

> Farm buildings turn translucent when you are behind them

> New, unrevealed NPCs roaming the island

> And much more behind the scenes Check out some images below of these other updates:

[go to the carpenter and purchase a move or destroy order for your buildings]

[NPC's now look at you when you are near them]

[early assets placed to get a feel for the Super Coral questline]

Early access launch delayed

What's next?

Next month, for Alpha v0.04, we hope to release Bug-catching gameplay, the ability to upgrade your house, additional revamped buildings, tons of heart cutscenes, and much more!

Thanks for reading,

Stairway Team

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