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30 Nov 2022

November 2022 Dev Update

Welcome to the November 2022 Coral Island development update! Please check out our Steam page to purchase the game and find out more: This month we'll go over the upcoming Feedback Update. Many of your great suggestions have been applied to the game. Let's take a look at some highlighted additions and end with the full change list. Please note that the Feedback Update is currently in Beta. Join our Discord to learn more about it! We're hoping to release Feedback Update in the 2nd/3rd week of December. Highlighted Additions Check out some of the highlighted additions below! [some new hairstyles] [some new clothing] [physics added to player hair] [you can now see a birds-eye view of your farm] [open the festival pamphlet to see all the activities you can do] [scale hud, offering and donation icons added] Player Feedback & Suggestions Craft from anywhere. Stored resources are now accessible from anywhere when you craft. Hold the RMB over a tile to display more information about it, ie, the planted crop and the number of days left until harvest "Donated" icon so you can see if you've donated an item to the museum or not "Offering" icon added so you can see if an item can be offered to the Goddess Improved Interactions on farm buildings. It should now be easier to enter/leave farm buildings Added a button on the relationship tab where you can click to "find" where an NPC is currently on the map (currently not functioning on the controller) Added a comprehensive sorting feature inside the relationship tab. You can now sort by certain criteria such as, heart level, eligible partners, upcoming birthdays and more Waiting time for fish to bite has been reduced Added ability to resize mouse cursor size Added option to rescale HUD elements like Gameplay HUD and Hotbar. Added rope as a possible rare spawned item in the mines to make going through a little easier Reduced the price of moving buildings down from 2000c to 300c Simplified the flow of acquiring hay. Hay can now be acquired by destroying weeds and grass. For grass, the season that you destroy it will influence the chance of finding hay Made the mysterious letter date riddle more obvious Pressing the middle mouse button on a stack of items in a storage container will automatically move them to the next available spot inside the player inventory Improved sorting option inside chests Add a sort button for the backpack, press “x” on KB/M to sort by category Added option to display time in AM/PM. This is currently limited to the gameplay hud clock. Time in other areas of the game is still displayed in 24 hours Added option to zoom in the camera a bit more Buffed the price of crop slightly Rebalanced artisan goods processing time and increase the price of artisan goods Decorative calendars that are placed inside the house are now functional Hot pepper can now be placed into Mason Jars Option to match hair color and eyebrow color When customizing colors in character customizer, currently selected color will be used as the starting point inside the color wheel Added map markers in the game for festivals to help you find where they are located, currently limited to festivals Added hair physics to various player character hair styles Improve the behavior of spawned wildlife The 2 gift limit per week now excludes birthday gifts Nerfed how often legendary fish can be caught, ie Great White Shark Added storage component to dressers. You can now store clothes inside them and preview outfits. Currently only works on 1 dresser Tweaked the logic for grass spread, it will no longer destroy crops by creeping over a fence Added coffers and geodes as possible spawn chance when fishing in various areas Time now moves twice as slow when inside the Museum, so you can enjoy what you’ve collected without feeling rushed You can now place chests inside your home TV shows will disappear the day after you’ve viewed their content. Now you won’t mistakenly see the same show twice (unless there aren’t any new shows left) Increase chance for rock domino to occur Rebalance the requirements for explosive Removed the gap between coop/barn and fences. Animals will no longer slip through Improved the spawning logic for fish. There should now be more variety in terms of how they spawn Made Okra behave as it does in real life, now continues bearing crop after harvest Added text to make clear which quests are not completable and or are still a work in progress Nonfunctioning Festivals will no longer spawn. The player will also no longer receive mail about them Added option to remove the “low stamina” screen effect inside the in-game settings. Reduced the chance for crops to get destroyed during stormy weather. New Features Museum donation UI Lab fossil process UI Festival pamphlet UI (open to see where the main event and minigames are located) Soft bristle brush now allows fossils and torn pages to drop Library book UI Damaged books now spawn and can be accessed in the library Museum reward mechanics added Festival rewards were added for various minigames Added 4 fruit plants into the game: rambutan, banana, avocado, and dragon fruit Added option to view farm from bird's eye view, press P inside the farm area to enter/exit this mode. Toggle the UI by pressing T Added ability to delete save (USE WITH CAUTION) Cows/sheep will now display all possible interaction options for that day, ie heart and milk icons will show when the animal can be petted and milked/sheared Improvements/bug fixes Updated all tool models. They appear like the icons and will reflect the current quality Add quality stars to upgraded Produce from the lab, ie, seedbags and seedlings Improved tools use animation. Previously tools disappeared too soon on use Various typos and grammar have been fixed Time no longer runs when filling out the feedback form Ore veins in watergate now drop silver ore Increased the time it takes for baby animals to become adults Fixed various clothing-related bugs like the incorrect skin color carrying over after shopping Simplified shopping for cooking utensils. All utensils are now always available at socket & pan. The featured utensil on the TV show is discounted for the week Enabled option to donate to Cherry Blossom Potluck Increase the price of various clothing and furniture Secret forest shop items and clothing are now functional Fish bait is now craftable and functional Updated various UI button prompts for better readability Fixed overly dark shadows on farm animals Improved layout of various UI and added cool transition animation Pressing E and Space during dialogue will now fast forward dialogue Improve the reward you get for donating 50 items to the Museum as part of the [REDACTED] questline Added confirmation prompt when leaving mines/diving through the rope and anchor Added fast travel to hotspring Controller Support The game will now detect if the player is plugging a controller and will automatically switch all button prompts into controller mode when the player starts using the controller. Option screen will now display 2 new tabs, and the player will now be able to review all the action list with its input. (Rebinding input will be supported in the next update) Hairstyle, Clothing & Decor Hairstyle : 20 Clothing : 61 Outdoor Decor : 17 Indoor Decor : 24 Thanks for reading, Stairway Team


31 Mei 2022

May 2022 Dev Update

Welcome to the May 2022 Coral Island development update! Please check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more: This month, we tease the diving revamp, look at the furniture store, and showcase some updated NPC models! Alpha v0.09 will launch on July 11 @ 11:59PM PDT. Revamped diving tease Diving is going through a major rework. Unfortunately, we're still finalizing things, so we can only share what's confirmed to stay today. We're adding a bunch of underwater sea-creature NPCs you'll come across when diving. You'll need to bribe some of these NPCs, like Grantle below, to gain access to more diving areas. Grantle is part of a squad of turtles that roam the 10m depths of the ocean. Check out Grantle's portrait! [Meet Grantle! a.k.a Grandpa Turtle] The diving maps are being combined to make one, big sprawling open world. We've added a pressure meter to help communicate the sense of diving deeper into the ocean. You'll need to upgrade your suit to reach deeper diving depths. [As you go deeper into the ocean, the pressure will increase] Furniture store part 1 This month, we're revealing both the exterior and interior of the furniture store! There are two ways to purchase items: the catalog and direct display purchase. The catalog allows you to access all items the store has unlocked. Items purchased from here will be delivered the following day. [Dinda and Joko own the furniture store in town] With direct display purchase, you'll be able to snag any of the 7 display items at a small discount. Don't dilly dally though, because display items are cycled every week. [Dinda and Joko's relatives help run the furniture store] Updated NPC models Check out the upgraded models for Ben, Eva and Charles! [Ben lives in a van somewhere in the forest and is dateable.] [Eva is the town's baker, loves good red velvet cakes and is dateable] [Charles is one of the doctors in Starlet Town. He is dateable, and enjoys burrito.] [who doesn't love a good t-pose] Bonus: updated Peanut model [just a cat being a cat] Bug of the month [wheeeeeeeee] What's next? Next month, we'll provide updates on the following:

- Revamped diving overview - Furniture store UI - Combat mastery
- Updated interiors & exteriors
- Updated NPC models Thanks for reading, Stairway Team


17 Mar 2022

Official Cover & Publisher Announcement

We’re partnering with Humble Games! Throughout development, we’ve learned that a significant part of game dev isn’t related to developing the game. It’s marketing, PR, talking to platform holders, etc…and while all those are expected, we’d rather dedicate more time to making a good game.

Our partnership with Humble allows us to do just that. As publishers, they will help us with marketing/bizdev, developing charity plans, and introducing Coral Island to a broader audience. We feel really good about working with them because our values align: we both want to make a positive impact in the world.

Please rest assured we retain complete creative control over the game. Coral Island will be what you and we, the team, want it to be. Our number one priority remains to make an awesome farm sim game!

We’re grateful to have this opportunity and support from you all. Thanks for joining us on this journey and helping shape Coral Island. We love Coral Island and its passionate community and hope you’re excited about this news as we are!

Coral Island remains on track for release this year and we'll have more news to share about EA, the streaming embargo, alpha and more soon! Coral Island’s official cover On to the fun part! Check out the final cover of Coral Island: [vertical cover by David Ardinaryas Lojaya] [horizontal cover by David Ardinaryas Lojaya] Let us know what you think! See you in Coral Island, Stairway farmers


31 Des 2021

December 2021 Dev Update

Welcome to the December 2021 Coral Island development update! Please check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more: This month, we'll go over the highlights of Alpha v0.06. Take a look at Giants gameplay and how Town Rank will work in the game. Alpha v0.06 will launch on January 10 @ 11:59PM PDT. Happy Holidays Happy holidays from everyone at Stairway! Here's to a great 2022. HD Wallpaper for Backers We'll be sending HD/4k versions of this wallpaper early next year, and it will come in both horizontal and vertical orientations. Thank you to all backers. We hope you like it! [what's the first thing you noticed?] Giants Gameplay Prototype At long last, we're ready to talk about Giants! Giants are farm helpers that you'll unlock as you progress through the game. By deciding which totems to craft and where to place them, you have ultimate control over the type of help you get on your farm. [craft and place totems to get some help on your farm!] There are three types of craftable totems: water, harvest, and animal totems. Today we're going to take a look at the Water and Harvest totem. Water Totem Place Water Totems to get help watering tilled soil. Please note, Alpha players that the Water Totem will replace any previously placed Sprinklers on your farm. Now, for a look at the water totem in action: [Totems activate when a Giant is about to work its coverage area] [who doesn't get happy when their work is done for the day] Gather Totem Place Gather Totems to get help gather items on your farm. They come in handy to harvest crops and collect items from processing and artisan equipment. Now, for a look at the Gather Totem in action: [REDACTED is skilled at Gathering] [It's not all work and no play for the Giants. Or err... nap time] Collecting Gathered Items The Giants will place gathered items inside a plant pouch, and it's conveniently located to the left of your house. [worth checking the plant pouch now and then...] The Three Giants Although each Giant can work on all farm tasks, they excel at one thing. To unleash the full potential of a particular farm task, you'll need to unlock higher grade totems and develop your relationship with the Giants. Town Rank The residents of Coral Island want to improve the town, for good reason!

The town rank comprises four key components: Heritage, Fame, Museum, and Ocean. We've added a special tab in the UI to keep tabs on your progress and figure out ways to earn points. [WIP of Town Rank UI] As you increase the town's rank, shops will have an easier time sourcing items, which means new things for you to buy. And well, who knows what other shops you'll attract to town. [mock up of store selling new items after town rank increases] The town hall houses a monitor that tracks your progress toward increasing the town rank. [that's one big monitor] Other updates For 0.06: - Q&A system with NPC testable with Yuri, more information available in Discord - Several map tweaks have been made - Opened up the blocked path on Hillside - Functioning gates for fences - New buildings on the map? - Manual cooking! - Cherry Blossom main festival objective implemented
- New interior music, check it out
- Various bug fixes and optimizations What's next? For Alpha v0.07, we've got the following planned:

- Renovated museum
- Heritage implemented (temple offerings)
- More interiors and exteriors - Refreshed 10m diving maps
- Rebalanced mastery progressions - And more!

Changes for 2022:

- We're increasing the time between Alpha updates from 1 month to 2 months. For example, Alpha 0.07 will launch in March 2022 - We will continue posting dev updates every month Thanks for reading, Stairway Team


6 Okt 2022

Early Access FAQ & Roadmap

A final update before we launch Coral Island into Early Access! If you haven't already, visit our Steam page to wishlist: Early Access FAQ When will Coral Island be released? Coral Island releases on Oct 11 2022 at 03:00 pm UTC/11:00 am EST, into Early Access on Steam and Game Preview on Win10 and PC Game Pass. How much does the game cost? At the time of Early Access launch, the suggested retail price of Coral Island will be $24.99 USD. Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access? The price won’t increase during Early Access. For 1.0 the price may increase, but we’re not sure about that yet. I’m a backer, when will I receive my Steam game key? Keys for backers that selected “Steam” as their platform will be sent out on October 8th @ 03:00 pm UTC/11:00 am EST. Due to the large number of keys to process, it may take some time before you receive an email from Backerkit with access to your game key. If you haven't received your game key within 8 hours of the send date, please reach out to us directly on Discord or email I’m an Alpha backer (or higher). When will I be able to start streaming? Alpha backers (or higher) that selected “Steam” will be available to play and stream Coral Island at the following times:

Sunday, October 9 at 12:00am UTC Saturday, October 8 at 8pm ET Saturday, October 8 at 5pm PT While some players may have access to the game early, we’re asking that everyone please adhere closely to our streaming embargo, which ends on October 9, 2022 at 12:00 am UTC. Please wait to stream until the embargo time has passed! I’ve received my Steam backer key. How do I redeem it? 1. Open Steam and log into your account. 2. Click the “Games” menu option at the top of the Steam client. 3. Choose “Activate a Product on Steam…” 4. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process, using the key provided below. How long is Coral Island going to be in Early Access? Coral Island will be in Early Access until we (the developers and you, our early supporters) are happy with the amount of content and level of polish the game has to offer. We expect this phase to take about one year, but may take longer depending on player feedback. Please continue to check our roadmap for more information! What can I expect in the Early Access/Game Preview? Coral Island releases into Early Access/Game Preview with four playable seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. You can farm with each season’s respective crops and try other activities such as ranching, diving, fishing, and bug-catching. Though the selection is still limited, there will be merchants that you can purchase customizations from. Please keep in mind that Coral Island is not complete since the game is still in Early Access.

Everything is still a work-in-progress, including the environment, assets, story, explorable mining/diving levels, NPC portraits, UI, etc. Being in Early Access also means that some things may not work as intended.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that your experience is whole and worth playing, but if you experience bugs, please let us know so we can fix them. If you prefer to play through the complete game instead, kindly wait for our full game release. We’re excited for you to play Coral Island! Which features will be in active development during Early Access/Game Preview? - The Winter season will be receiving some significant enhancements during the Early Access period - please pardon the dust in the meantime! - Diving and mining maps - The combat experience and progression - The festival experience for each season - Storylines and heart events for NPC - Deeper relationship mechanics, like marriage and children - and many more! How will I know when I’ve played through the game’s Early Access/Game Preview content? After advancing through four playable seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, players can continue to farm and enjoy other activities including ranching, diving, fishing, and bug-catching. The story is still in active development, so you’ll need to wait until a future update to continue experiencing the full storyline. Will my save files carry over with each new update in Coral Island? Carrying over saves will be handled on a per-update basis. Our goal is to maintain your save files as we update the game. However, some updates may fundamentally change the game. When this happens, all progression data will be reset, except for: gold, inventory, farm layout, interior, and mastery. How do I report bugs or give feedback? In-game, you can select ‘Feedback’ in the Options Menu to report bugs or give feedback that will be sent directly to the development team. You can also share your feedback in the Stairway Games Discord. What about localization? Good news! At the Early Access/Game Preview launch, Coral Island will support English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, and Spanish. After launch, we’ll be actively working to improve the quality of localizations and have plans to support additional languages. What kind of updates are planned for Coral Island? We plan to incorporate new areas to explore, stories to experience, more things to do, and more customization options. We’ve put together a roadmap to give you a rough idea of what to expect! *Early Access Roadmap subject to change What are the PC requirements for Coral Island? Minimum Specifications: OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10 PROCESSOR: Intel Core i3-2100 or AMD FX-8350 MEMORY: 8 GB RAM GRAPHICS: NVIDIA GeForce GT 740, 2 GB or AMD Radeon R7 250, 2 GB DETAILS: Low 720p @ 30 FPS Recommended Specifications: OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10 PROCESSOR: Intel Core i5-6600 or AMD Ryzen 5 1600 MEMORY: 8 GB RAM GRAPHICS: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960, 4 GB or AMD Radeon R9 380X, 4 GB DETAILS: High 1080p @ 60 FPS Will Coral Island support multiplayer? Currently, the plan is to support both island visits and co-op multiplayer in a post-1.0 update. What about controller support? Controller support will not be available at Early Access launch. We’re actively working on true controller support and aim to include it in one of the earlier updates. How do I stay up-to-date on Coral Island’s development? We post a daily dev diary on our Discord server. In there, you can also find links to our dev blogs for more in-depth updates. See you there! Discord server: How can I contact support? For help, please email us at What's next We'll be resuming development updates at end of this month! In the meantime, the team continues to polish the game for release. We CAN'T WAIT for you all to get your hands on the game. Thanks for reading, Stairway Team


29 Apr 2022

April 2022 Dev Update

Welcome to the April 2022 Coral Island development update! Please check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more: This month, we'll go over mount riding, movement mechanics, combat, and more! Alpha v0.08 will launch on May 9 @ 11:59PM PDT. Mount riding A trusty steed awaits you on Coral Island. To acquire one, you'll first need to build a stable on your farm. Some perks include increased movement speed and, most importantly, trotting into town with style. [yeeehaaaaw] While on your horse, you'll still be able to chat with folks in town. Don't think about entering stores though! [yes, my name is Player, Player Player] Movement mechanics Dashing

We've added dashing to the game! It makes exploring the island more enjoyable, but it's also an essential move-set for combat, allowing you to dodge enemies. [press space bar to dash] Vaulting We've gone and done it. Listened to and reviewed the feedback from alpha players and voila! Vaulting is officially in the game! [vaulting feels good y'all, press space near a fence to vault over it] New decor mode UI We're in the process of improving the interior decor UI. We added categories so you can find the items you're looking for more easily. There's also an added benefit: your house will now have storage space for furniture after upgrading it! [Still a WIP!] There will be A LOT of decorations for you to choose from on Coral Island. Take a look at some WIP assets below! [what style do you want to see in the game?] Combat Our first iteration of combat will be available to test out in the upcoming Alpha update.

Fleshing out combat will be next, so we're looking forward to the feedback from the community, what feels good, what needs improving, ideas, thoughts, all of it! We'll do a deep dive into combat in a future update. [attack, block, stagger, dash - these are essentials for combat] By the way, crates in the mine? You can now break those! [oddly satisfying to break crates] Other updates For 0.08: - All seasons unlocked, available to test (assets are WIP)
- Fight a boss in the earth gate (WIP)
- Water gate now accessible (early WIP) - Revamped questing and progression - Greenhouse is now accessible to test (WIP) - Furniture store accessible (WIP) - Town board requests are testable (WIP) - Diving continues to be reworked - Multiplayer?! (experimental, host/join, very buggy) - Cherry Blossom minigames added (Balap Karung and Apple Bobbing)
- Place objects (like chest) almost anywhere on your farm
- A glimpse at one of the new NPCs
- Ton's of environment/asset updates What's next? Next month, we'll provide updates on the following:

- Revamped diving (we needed more time on this) - Furniture store - Combat mastery Thanks for reading, Stairway Team


28 Feb 2022

February 2022 Dev Update

Welcome to the February 2022 Coral Island development update! Please check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more: This month, we'll go over the museum, mastery, strafing, and more! Alpha v0.07 will launch on March 7 @ 11:59PM PDT. Happy Valentines Happy Valentine's from the Stairway team! More importantly, who would be your Coral Island valentine? [Rafael playing 4d chess] Renovated Museum A full-fledged museum can be completed in Starlet Town. It features a section for artifacts, gems, insects, fish, and fossils. Without spoiling too much, here's a glimpse of several areas inside the museum: [artifacts are grouped and displayed based on where you find them] [donations to the museum will increase the towns rank!] Player Strafing Unlocked One recurring feedback we've received during Alpha is improving the farming controls. We're excited for you to try out the strafing mechanic in-game. To strafe, hold "ctrl" while the hotbar is actively selecting a tool - it's that simple. [movement speed is reduced while strafing for finer control] [aiming for tiles definitely feels more precise while strafing] [plus, we unlocked an unintended feature, the moonwalk!] We realize a good portion of Alpha players want mouse-based controls. Although we don't have anything to share on that today, please know we'll try our best to implement it into the game. Mastery Skills Revamped We've revamped a significant portion of the mastery skills. Now there are a total of 15 levels and skills you can acquire for each mastery. We'll look forward to hearing feedback from Alpha players on this! [please excuse the placeholder UI] [The Rock Domino's skill is a popular choice internally] Revamped interiors & exteriors This month, we're teasing Jim's house and just a couple of the many new shortcuts that have been added to the map. [Jim's house is now accessible to Alpha players] [a shortcut has been added connecting the Observatory and Woodlands] [a shortcut has been added connecting the mid forest and rice paddy terrace] Mount riding tease A look at what developing new features looks like. [if one must fall through the ground, it should be done in style] Fanart Contest Winners @greifate (Twitter) Tylendiel#5875 (Discord) goompher#9124 (Discord) @ (IG) @ pinkylartsy (IG) Last image credit: SDAX! Development Timeline Update We really appreciate your patience in waiting for Coral Island. Development is making a good pace towards the Early Access release. Below you'll find the high-level features we want to knock out before we do a polish pass and eventually release the game. What's next? Next month, we'll provide updates on the following:

- Heritage overview - Player clothing overview - Updates to character customization - Refreshed 10m diving map
- And more Thanks for reading, Stairway Team


30 Nov 2021

November 2021 Dev Update

Welcome to the November 2021 Coral Island development update! Please check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more: This month, we'll go over the highlights of Alpha v0.05. Alpha v0.05 will launch on November 30 @ 11:59PM PDT. We're grateful Everyone at Stairway has a lot to be thankful for this year. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Cherry Blossom festival We've completed most of the assets for the Cherry Blossom festival. To avoid spoilers, we'll only be showing the entrance and lake area: Below, the decorated lake and a sneak peek at the Cherry Blossom festival music! Festival day decor Themed umbul-umbul (penjor) are displayed around Coral Island on festival day. The goal is twofold: communicate that it's festival day and help guide players to the festival area. Umbul-umbuls will be decorated differently based on what festival is being held: [hmm, mooncake!] [an early in-game look what the umbul-umbul will look like] Fast travel Oh, the places you'll go! Introducing the fast travel system. As you progress through the game, you'll unlock tokens that can be used to activate teleport spots around the map. Here is a look at it in action: [alpha players, please note that fast travel will be limited to 5 areas for now] [whoooooosh] Farm buildings upgrade More room for farm friends! Alpha players will now be able to upgrade both the coop and barn building. There is a total of one upgrade for each building, giving you a maximum capacity of 8 animals per building. [the upgrade flow] [one can never have too many chikins] Revamped buildings This month, we're showing off the interiors for the clinic and school. As for exteriors, we'll be showcasing what the townies call the dump. Exteriors [no comment] Interiors [the clinic] [the school] Revamped grass & mines Progress continues to be made in the mines, and grass. Yes, we finally have grass! New environment grass [we're still in the process of applying grass across the map] [a close up of the new grass] Mines Earth theme A lot of progress was made on the mines this month. An additional 15 levels have been redecorated with improved assets! [mineeeees!] Edited dialogue More edited dialogues this month! Other updates & behind the scenes - The Q&A system with NPC's has been delayed to next month - Woodlands is now open to Alpha players - 'Grass' now drops from scything grass. The mill is required to process `grass` into `fodder`. Fodder can now be dispensed inside coop and barn provided player has a Mill. - Added music for buildings, including Carpenter, General Store, and more! - Basic town rank implemented. For now, you can earn points by donating to the museum, planting super coral, and completing sesajen offerings at the temple. As town rank increases, merchants will have more items to sell What's next? Next month, for Alpha v0.06, we've got the following planned:

- Giants gameplay
- Town rank fully implemented
- Q&A system with NPC - HD Wallpaper for backers revealed and delivered - And more! Thanks for reading, Stairway Team


30 Jun 2022

June 2022 Dev Update

Welcome to the June 2022 Coral Island development update! Please check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more: This month, we look at mouse-based controls, the Hotspring, more updated NPC models and more! Alpha v0.09 will launch on July 11 @ 11:59PM PDT. Mouse based controls You asked, and we listened. By default, you now use your mouse to determine which tile you to hit. We're very pleased with how this turned out. We're also still on track to release the controller support and look forward to receiving feedback from Alpha players. The Hotspring Ah, the Hotspring, a place to relax and unwind. When functional, pay a visit, and soak yourself in the warm water to recover some stamina! [what happened to the Hotspring?] Updated NPC models Check out the upgraded models for Dippa, Zarah, Frank, and Yuri! [Dippa usually spends their day looking for inspiration and painting around the island. Luke's store sells their paintings! Check often!] [A bachelorette. Zarah is an adventurer at heart. She enjoys going around the island and finding treasures; be it gems, old artifacts, or a buried history.] [Frank is married to his high-school sweetheart, Erika and the couple lives in Starlet Town with their two cats, Peanut and Butter.] [Yuri's goal in Coral Island is to be a part of a community and hang her traveling coat on the rack for good. Will the traditional lifestyle bore a thrill-seeker like Yuri? Or is mainstream good?] [correction from last month, who doesn't love a good A pose] Furniture store UI Check out the furniture store UI. We've spent a lot of time making sure the shopping experience is frictionless. This is especially important given the large number of items you can purchase to decorate your farm and house with. You can shop by looking at styles or selecting the catalogue and view items by category. Let us know what you think! Future blog posts and minimizing spoilers For this month, we had originally planned to showcase revamped diving and reveal more interior locations. To make sure you have the best experience playing Coral Island for the first time when it launches into Early Access, we've decided to hold off on doing this.

For Alpha players, note that for the Alpha 0.09 update, we've unlocked all interior locations and most of the newly revamped diving will be accessible too. Looking forward to getting feedback! Cat Mood. What's next? We will resume the monthly dev blog in September. Between July and August, all hands will be on deck finalizing the Early Access game content, polishing assets, and optimizing the game performance. Thanks for reading, Stairway Team


31 Mar 2022

March 2022 Dev Update

Welcome to the March 2022 Coral Island development update! Please check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more: This month, we'll go over player customization, a new in-game tool, and TV shows! Alpha v0.08 will launch on May 9 @ 11:59PM PDT. Clothing updates The more, the merrier! We are adding more options to your fashion needs. All clothes will fit all body types. [Oh, you're a fan of AB/CD band? Name three songs!] [Yes, those are wings. No, you can't fly.] Player customization updates Facial hair! Some beards and mustaches are in stock. Just like any of our clothes, facial hairs are available for all body types. Meet the Vaquatic After testing out some ocean cleaning mechanics, we've decided to use a suction system, the Vaquatic. Aim to the target and clean away. TV shows on Coral Island On Coral Island, there is a variety of channels on television. Some of the channels are informative (the Shopping Channel, etc) and some are purely for entertainment. Mooqbang and Game of Cones are examples of entertaining shows that broadcast weekly. There are plenty more. Stay tuned! [Mooqbang is an eating show where the main star, a cow named Mooq, will eat and rate several barn foods.] [Game of Cones is a cooking competition show between two chefs, with different chefs each episode.] What's next? Next month, we'll provide updates on the following:

- Mount riding - Revamped diving mechanics - New decor mode UI - Combat Thanks for reading, Stairway Team


31 Jan 2022

January 2022 Dev Update

Welcome to the January 2022 Coral Island development update! Please check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more: This month, we'll go over fences, outdoor decor, and meet the C.I.C! Alpha v0.07 will launch on March 7 @ 11:59PM PDT. Happy New Year (again!) Happy lunar new year to those who celebrate! Fences, Gates & Arches Take a look at how fences, gates, and arches will work in the game! Fences Placing fences is super easy. Select the fence item on your hotbar, find an empty spot on your farmland and plot it down. There are three different styles for how fences connect. We have the following from left to right: post on every tile fence, homogenous fence, and corner post fence. Gates Now that you've fenced an area, we need a way to get in and out. To place gates, find an empty spot between two fences, and place it. Voila, you now have a gate! Good news, all styles of gates will work with any fence style. Arches Complete your decoration with arches! You'll be able to rotate them in 4 directions and place them anywhere on the tillable ground. We're still developing the feature, but you'll be able to place half arches and make double-wide ones too. For a sneak peek of this, be sure to join our Discord here. Community vote: add fence vaulting, or not Last but not least, we're looking for feedback from the community. Do you want us to explore fence vaulting for the game? Please let us know your thoughts! Outdoor Decor We've been hard at work adding a variety of styles for your outdoor decoration needs. Here's a sneak peek at the Mountain Cabin Outdoor Props. Let us know what other styles you want to see in the game! Meet the C.I.C (Coral Island Current) The Coral Island current is an underwater highway transporting various things to and from different parts of the ocean. It's located on the West side of the island. [where's all the fish...?] Fanart Contest: Valentines in Coral Island Win a chance for your character's hair design to be featured in the game! What's next? For Alpha v0.07, we've got the following planned:

- Renovated museum
- Heritage implemented (temple offerings)
- More interiors and exteriors - Refreshed 10m diving maps
- Rebalanced mastery progressions - And more! Thanks for reading, Stairway Team


31 Okt 2021

October 2021 Dev Update

Welcome to the October 2021 Coral Island development update! Please check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more: This month, we'll go over the highlights of Alpha v0.04. Alpha v0.04 will launch on October 31 @ 11:59PM PDT. Happy Halloween! Spooky, but then make it *Coral Island*. Bug catching Get your Bug net ready! We're releasing an early WIP bug-catching system! Eventually, you will donate bugs and unlock an area for them at the Museum (not ready for Alpha). In the meantime, purchase a bug net at the Beach Shack, and start catching!

P.S. the bug models are placeholder and not final. [There are different types of bugs depending on the time of day, location, and seasons.] [Not a-sneaking-type of farmer? Don't worry. Find slow bugs. Shown above: caterpillar. Adorable and slow.] [Careful though! Some bugs are very fast and perceptive of human movement. Sneaking might just be necessary to catch them.] Thank you to all the backers that made bug-catching a reality in Coral Island. This is one of the first stretch goals we unlocked on Kickstarter. Player house upgrade You can now upgrade the house! In the first house upgrade, you will receive a kitchen that allows you to cook various dishes. Pay a visit to the Carpenters and they'll be able to help you with upgrading the house. Make sure to bring enough money! [the exterior of the first house upgrade] [look at all that space, plus a built-in kitchen!] Coral Shopping Have too much money and don't know where to spend it? Worry not. Introducing Coral Shopping! Here you'll find items to complete your Kitchen. Check out the channel on your TV to find out what's for sale. Then, head to Socket & Pan to make a purchase. New items are available for purchase every Tuesday! [a look at what the shopping flow looks like... purchased items are installed in your kitchen. Anyone else feel a little nostalgic?] Cooking part 1 In Coral Island, there are two ways to cook. By recipes and manual. You can simply click on any learned recipe on the recipe tab or do it the old-fashioned way, mix and match. High risk, high return, right? [there are around 10 utensils to collect... I spy, with my little eye, a Blender, Grill...what else?] [recipes tab are the easiest way to cook things you've already cooked before] [the manual tab is for the adventurous; mix and match utensils and ingredients and unlock recipes yourself through trial and error. PS, please don't mind the placeholder art above] Please note Alpha players, only the recipe section is available in the 0.04 update. Revamped Buildings This month, we're showcasing Socket & Pan, Salon, Community Center, and Jim's house. Keep in mind that Salon's, animal shelter's and clothing store's features are NOT ready for Alpha...that said, don't let it stop you from exploring the interiors. There might be interesting notes in there. Exteriors [Socket & Pan] [Jim's House. This is where Jim, Lily and Theo live.] Interiors The animal shelter is where you'll go to adopt a pet. For all the Kickstarter backers with the Pet Design tier, this is where you can meet your pet! Also worth noting, the Community Center is one of the largest interiors we've worked on to date. [The Community Center has 5 rooms inside it: Yoga room, White Flamingo clothing store, town hall, library, and an animal shelter. We're not going to show more due to SPOILERS] [Salon is run by Emily and Erika. One word = chic.] [Socket & Pan. Submit your TV shopping orders here!] Cutscenes & dialogue More edited dialogues, more cutscenes, more fun! Other updates - Added a WIP Town Rank system, check it out in the community center - Experimenting with additional simplified daytime music - Experimenting with cloud shadows in the game - Display player objective in the Diving UI level selector - Completed exteriors not listed: Mansion and Clinic - Unlocked the Look Out area, now accessible to Alpha players - Added a WIP glossary section to the main UI What's next? Next month, for Alpha v0.05, we've got a lot planned:

- Open up the Woodlands area to Alpha players
- Unlock farm building upgrades (for barn and coop) and the Greenhouse
- First version of the Town Rank system that ties the game together
- New Q&A dialogue system with NPC's (unlock questions/topics to discuss with an NPC as you get closer with them) - More revamped buildings (exteriors and interiors) - And much more! Thanks for reading, Stairway Team

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