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31 Des 2021

December 2021 Dev Update

Welcome to the December 2021 Coral Island development update! Please check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more: swg.gg/corstm This month, we'll go over the highlights of Alpha v0.06. Take a look at Giants gameplay and how Town Rank will work in the game. Alpha v0.06 will launch on January 10 @ 11:59PM PDT. Happy Holidays Happy holidays from everyone at Stairway! Here's to a great 2022. HD Wallpaper for Backers We'll be sending HD/4k versions of this wallpaper early next year, and it will come in both horizontal and vertical orientations. Thank you to all backers. We hope you like it! [what's the first thing you noticed?] Giants Gameplay Prototype At long last, we're ready to talk about Giants! Giants are farm helpers that you'll unlock as you progress through the game. By deciding which totems to craft and where to place them, you have ultimate control over the type of help you get on your farm. [craft and place totems to get some help on your farm!] There are three types of craftable totems: water, harvest, and animal totems. Today we're going to take a look at the Water and Harvest totem. Water Totem Place Water Totems to get help watering tilled soil. Please note, Alpha players that the Water Totem will replace any previously placed Sprinklers on your farm. Now, for a look at the water totem in action: [Totems activate when a Giant is about to work its coverage area] [who doesn't get happy when their work is done for the day] Gather Totem Place Gather Totems to get help gather items on your farm. They come in handy to harvest crops and collect items from processing and artisan equipment. Now, for a look at the Gather Totem in action: [REDACTED is skilled at Gathering] [It's not all work and no play for the Giants. Or err... nap time] Collecting Gathered Items The Giants will place gathered items inside a plant pouch, and it's conveniently located to the left of your house. [worth checking the plant pouch now and then...] The Three Giants Although each Giant can work on all farm tasks, they excel at one thing. To unleash the full potential of a particular farm task, you'll need to unlock higher grade totems and develop your relationship with the Giants. Town Rank The residents of Coral Island want to improve the town, for good reason!

The town rank comprises four key components: Heritage, Fame, Museum, and Ocean. We've added a special tab in the UI to keep tabs on your progress and figure out ways to earn points. [WIP of Town Rank UI] As you increase the town's rank, shops will have an easier time sourcing items, which means new things for you to buy. And well, who knows what other shops you'll attract to town. [mock up of store selling new items after town rank increases] The town hall houses a monitor that tracks your progress toward increasing the town rank. [that's one big monitor] Other updates For 0.06: - Q&A system with NPC testable with Yuri, more information available in Discord - Several map tweaks have been made - Opened up the blocked path on Hillside - Functioning gates for fences - New buildings on the map? - Manual cooking! - Cherry Blossom main festival objective implemented
- New interior music, check it out
- Various bug fixes and optimizations What's next? For Alpha v0.07, we've got the following planned:

- Renovated museum
- Heritage implemented (temple offerings)
- More interiors and exteriors - Refreshed 10m diving maps
- Rebalanced mastery progressions - And more!

Changes for 2022:

- We're increasing the time between Alpha updates from 1 month to 2 months. For example, Alpha 0.07 will launch in March 2022 - We will continue posting dev updates every month Thanks for reading, Stairway Team


30 Sep 2021

September 2021 Dev Update

Welcome to the September 2021 Coral Island development update! Please check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more: swg.gg/corstm This month, we'll go over the highlights of Alpha v0.03 and provide an update on Coral Island's release. Ranching part 2 (mooo) Ranching sees a big update this month. We release the barn, which allows you to purchase your first Barn animal, baby & adult cow. You'll buy the Barn from the carpenter and the cow itself from the Ranch. While at the Ranch, be sure to purchase a Milk Pail so you can get to milking! [baby & adult cow, just mooing around the barn] [over time, baby cows turn into adult cows] Move or sell farm animals [please excuse the programmer UI art for the move and sell buttons, lol] Fishing Gameplay For all of you fishers out there, your time has finally arrived. You can finally fish in the game! Currently, there are only about 10 fish you can catch. Where you find them depends on where you'll fish: in the ocean, river, or lake. [purchase a fishing pole at the Beach Shack] Please be mindful! Cast length in our game impacts the size of fish you are likely to catch. For example, a shorter cast has a higher chance of catching a small fish like the goldfish. [how long you hold the cast button will determine the cast length] Map 2.0 (featuring player tracking!) Player tracking on the map was one of the most requested features we received after launching Alpha. With the new map, you'll be able to do just that! [check it out, that's you, Player!] We're working to tie the map tracking experience with the social mastery component of the game. By acquiring the appropriate skill and heart level with an NPC, you'll be able to see an icon of them on the map. [we are still playing around with the NPC icons for the tracking feature] Revamped exteriors More revamped exteriors this month! We want to highlight the Beach Shack, Millie's house, Frank & Erika's house, and last but not least, a new coffee spot. Check it out! [consider stopping by the Beach Shack!] [Millie's house] [Frank & Erika's house] [new coffee spot, and what's that other thing?] Revamped interiors & mines Reworked interiors accompany the new Beach Shack and Barn. In addition, new rooms have been added to already accessible interiors. We also start set dressing the mines in preparation for the game's story. So far, we've decorated the first 5 levels. More to come next month! [checkout the Beach Shack] [updated mines, what do those carvings mean...] [updated barn] Other updates > Added the ability to move or destroy farm buildings > Added a `LookAtFunction`. NPC's turn their head to look at Player when they are near > Added preliminary assets for the `SuperCoral` questline > Dormant oil rigs placed in a couple of spots around the island by Pufferfish > Farm buildings turn translucent when you are behind them > New, unrevealed NPCs roaming the island > And much more behind the scenes

Check out some images below of these other updates: [go to the carpenter and purchase a move or destroy order for your buildings] [NPC's now look at you when you are near them] [early assets placed to get a feel for the Super Coral questline] Early access launch delayed What's next? Next month, for Alpha v0.04, we hope to release Bug-catching gameplay, the ability to upgrade your house, additional revamped buildings, tons of heart cutscenes, and much more! Thanks for reading, Stairway Team


31 Mei 2021

May 2021 Dev Update

Welcome to the May 2021 Coral Island development update! Please check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more: swg.gg/corstm This May, we showcase a WIP of the character customizer, more revamped NPC models, and other exciting news worth sharing. Check it out! Character Customization Showcase Part 2 Here is what you can expect out of character customization for the upcoming Alpha. Please note that this is a WIP. We'll continue to improve and add more options in time for the Early Access release! Let us know what you think! New NPC Models, Shop Keeper Edition Check out the upgraded models for both Sam and Dinda. Sam runs the general store in the heart of Starlet Town. You'll see him frequently as you make supply runs for seeds! Dinda runs a carpenter shop with her husband Joko for all your building needs. Epic Megagrant We're happy to announce that Stairway Games has been awarded an Epic MegaGrant! Everyone on the team is proud to be a part of the Unreal community. Thank you to all the Epic Games team and our beloved players for trusting us. Nintendo Switch Devkit For our Switch players - here is the update that you've been waiting for! We have received the Switch Dev Kits that will allow us to start testing the game on Switch hardware. We hope this can bring us one step closer to having Coral Island on other platforms! Eid Al-Fitr Here is the art we’ve made to celebrate Eid Al-Fitr! We hope our Muslim friends all around the world had a happy, joyful, and blessed Eid. Lots of love from all of us at Stairway Games! Discord Roles Assignment We have officially sent out the Discord roles assignments for all applicable tiers. For instructions to claim your role code, please check our announcement here. You can also check out our Discord > Announcements for more information. Please contact us if you need any assistance redeeming your role code! Bug of the month Extreme sleep is not for the faint of heart. Thanks for reading, Stairway Team


1 Feb 2021

Kickstarter is now LIVE!

Welcome to Coral Island, farmers! Coral Island Kickstarter is now LIVE! Our Kickstarter is finally live and will run for 30 days. Support us below: Kickstarter linked here. We reveal all coop and barn dwelling animals, get a glimpse of never before revealed NPC's, and more. Our campaign goal is $70,000, which will guarantee Coral Island's production. Join our Discord server linked here. What's Next We will post campaign updates and fun insights into game development throughout the month through blog posts and tweets. As always, your feedback is appreciated.


30 Nov 2021

November 2021 Dev Update

Welcome to the November 2021 Coral Island development update! Please check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more: swg.gg/corstm This month, we'll go over the highlights of Alpha v0.05. Alpha v0.05 will launch on November 30 @ 11:59PM PDT. We're grateful Everyone at Stairway has a lot to be thankful for this year. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Cherry Blossom festival We've completed most of the assets for the Cherry Blossom festival. To avoid spoilers, we'll only be showing the entrance and lake area: Below, the decorated lake and a sneak peek at the Cherry Blossom festival music! Festival day decor Themed umbul-umbul (penjor) are displayed around Coral Island on festival day. The goal is twofold: communicate that it's festival day and help guide players to the festival area. Umbul-umbuls will be decorated differently based on what festival is being held: [hmm, mooncake!] [an early in-game look what the umbul-umbul will look like] Fast travel Oh, the places you'll go! Introducing the fast travel system. As you progress through the game, you'll unlock tokens that can be used to activate teleport spots around the map. Here is a look at it in action: [alpha players, please note that fast travel will be limited to 5 areas for now] [whoooooosh] Farm buildings upgrade More room for farm friends! Alpha players will now be able to upgrade both the coop and barn building. There is a total of one upgrade for each building, giving you a maximum capacity of 8 animals per building. [the upgrade flow] [one can never have too many chikins] Revamped buildings This month, we're showing off the interiors for the clinic and school. As for exteriors, we'll be showcasing what the townies call the dump. Exteriors [no comment] Interiors [the clinic] [the school] Revamped grass & mines Progress continues to be made in the mines, and grass. Yes, we finally have grass! New environment grass [we're still in the process of applying grass across the map] [a close up of the new grass] Mines Earth theme A lot of progress was made on the mines this month. An additional 15 levels have been redecorated with improved assets! [mineeeees!] Edited dialogue More edited dialogues this month! Other updates & behind the scenes - The Q&A system with NPC's has been delayed to next month - Woodlands is now open to Alpha players - 'Grass' now drops from scything grass. The mill is required to process `grass` into `fodder`. Fodder can now be dispensed inside coop and barn provided player has a Mill. - Added music for buildings, including Carpenter, General Store, and more! - Basic town rank implemented. For now, you can earn points by donating to the museum, planting super coral, and completing sesajen offerings at the temple. As town rank increases, merchants will have more items to sell What's next? Next month, for Alpha v0.06, we've got the following planned:

- Giants gameplay
- Town rank fully implemented
- Q&A system with NPC - HD Wallpaper for backers revealed and delivered - And more! Thanks for reading, Stairway Team


31 Agu 2021

August 2021 Dev Update

Welcome to the August 2021 Coral Island development update! Please check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more: swg.gg/corstm Monthly dev updates are back! For this month’s developer update, we will share more details of the Alpha v0.02 update. Alpha v0.02 content overview Alpha v0.02 will launch on August 31 @ 8 PM PDT. Over 20,000 players participated in the Alpha v0.01 of the game. Thank you so much for providing feedback on the game, sharing your impressions, and of course, finding and submitting those pesky bugs. Ranching (erm...chicken army) What's a farm sim game without the ability to ranch and raise some chicken? Ranching is now available to test for alpha players. Right now you're limited to raising chickens. We're excited to receive feedback! [also, a sneak peek at our new grass model] For now, you'll be able to purchase a Chicklet (a cut surprise awaits you) or Chicken at the Ranch. As you take care of them, you'll gain relationship points that will impact the size of the product an animal produces. Mastery skill tree We've reworked the skill system in the game to make the act of mastering aspects of farm life more rewarding. Now, you'll earn specific experience points into different masteries depending on what you do. For example, clearing debris on your farm and harvesting crops will yield Farming experience. [unlock cool skills like using the scythe to harvest crops!] After gaining enough experience, you'll level up that mastery and earn points to spend on skills. In addition, as you gain more levels, you'll also unlock crafting recipes! Revamped exteriors We continue to revamp and finalize many of the buildings in the game. For this month, we want to highlight the Ranch and Fishensip (the tavern). [purchase all your ranching needs at the Ranch] [the go-to hangout spot on Coral Island!] Revamped interiors Accompanying the new exteriors are completely reworked interior spaces for the Ranch and Tavern. To coincide with the ranching update, we've also made updates to the level 1 coop interior. [now featuring cubby holes for your coop animals] [revamped ranch interior] [revamped tavern] Other updates - Added a WIP news channel - Added a WIP shopping channel - Experimenting with a new mouse hover based UI - Optimized memory usage in the game - Process fossils and nodes at the Blacksmith and Lab - and much more behind the scenes! Wallpaper anyone? Rafael and seals... enough said Bug of the month Our lovely Alpha players have been submitting bugs left and right! For this month, we want to highlight a bug found by Discord user MisterNBD#1103. [when humans and butterflies collide, its magical] What's next? Our target is to release a content update every month during Alpha. Next month, for Alpha v0.03, we hope to release Fishing gameplay, more revamped buildings, and the ability to care for cows! Thanks for reading, Stairway Team


30 Apr 2021

April 2021 Dev Update

Welcome to the April 2021 Coral Island development update! Please check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more: swg.gg/corstm In April 2021, we worked on many, many things. We’ll focus on character customization, jogging animation 2.0, revamped exterior buildings, and more for this update. Check it out! Character Customization Showcase Part 1 Here's a sneak peek at the character customization UI in Coral Island. Please note that this is a WIP. We're excited to share that for Alpha, there will be 3 body types available for players. [3 body types to choose from + plenty of color options] [there will be many hair options to choose from] [custom honorifics are working in-game, huzzah!] For part 2 next month, we will do a deep dive into the character customization system. This will come in the form of a video showcase that will be uploaded to Youtube - stay tuned! Jogging Animations Revisited We've received a ton of feedback on our animations. This month, we've tried to improve the jogging animation. We plan to let players choose their animation style eventually. [4 styles of animation for the early access release!] For alpha, there will be several more animation types for you to check out. We hope you can help us narrow the 4 to ship Early Access with. Please let us know what you think! Revamped Buildings Much like interiors, many buildings in our game are also getting a make-over for better storytelling. This month, we tackled a fair amount of locations already! Please have a look at just one of the buildings being improved: the carpenter shop. [Carpenter: OLD. This is what the carpenter building originally looked like] [Carpenter: This is the NEW concept art for the carpenter building] [Carpenter: NEW in-game. This is what it currently looks like in-game, still a WIP] Fun fact, the carpenter building is inspired by Indonesia's traditional Joglo architecture, known for its distinct roof work. A very fitting home for our carpenters! Earth Day Art Earth day, every day. Bug of the month No one wants to admit it, but something tells me this was done on purpose... #sus Thanks for reading, Stairway Team


5 Jan 2021

Announcement Trailer & Dec 2020 Dev Update

Welcome to the December 2020 Coral Island development update! Announcement Trailer The moment is finally here. Coral Island's announcement trailer is now live! You can check out the video below: Everyone in the studio is excited to hear what you think. You can let us know by joining our Discord server linked here. Kickstarter Pre-Launch Page Our Kickstarter pre-launch page is also live. Click the Notify Me On Launch and you'll be the first to know when the campaign officially launches. Click on the following image to follow our project: We'll have exciting stretch goals and exclusive perks, including mythical pets and even access to the private Coral Island pre-alpha, and much more.

Character Reveals Folks, this batch is our last character reveal. That said, there are still many unrevealed NPC! We want to keep them a mystery to give you something to look forward to, for when you arrive in Coral Island. Look around and meet them in person! Meet Kira, Jack, Zarah (left to right)! Kira. As a retired huntress with an adult son, everything in Kira’s life, right now, is basically self-sustainable. She spends her day keeping watch of the forest from the comfort of her cabin. Kira also enjoys doing yoga and playing the flute. Though retired, she still wears her combat boots, just in case... Jack. He, his wife, Kira, and their son, Kenny live in a humble cabin in the forest. Jack works as the island’s rancher. Aside from taking care of animals, Jack spends his day managing the shop’s supplies, making sure that they have enough to sell. On some days that they don't, the ranch is closed early. His hobbies include watching cooking shows and “experimenting” in the kitchen. Zarah. An eligible bachelorette who is an adventurer at heart. Zarah lives on a boat. She enjoys going around the island and finding treasures; be it gems, old artifacts, or a buried history. Zarah was born and raised on the other side of Coral Island. When her boat is not docked at its usual place, she is presumed to visit her family. But what really is going on in her life, nobody really knows. She can be a bit mysterious at times. Allergic to cats. The Lineup So Far Our Very Own Discord Server Emoji's Last but not least, we're releasing the first batch of official Coral Island emoji's on our Discord server. What do you think? One can never have too many emoji's at their disposal... which means we want to involve you, our community, in deciding what emoji's we should make next. Head on over to Discord and cast your vote! What's Next Next month is a special one, folks! The Kickstarter campaign for Coral Island is launching on February 1, 2021. We will post campaign updates and fun insights into game development throughout the month through blog posts and tweets. As always, your feedback is appreciated.


31 Okt 2021

October 2021 Dev Update

Welcome to the October 2021 Coral Island development update! Please check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more: swg.gg/corstm This month, we'll go over the highlights of Alpha v0.04. Alpha v0.04 will launch on October 31 @ 11:59PM PDT. Happy Halloween! Spooky, but then make it *Coral Island*. Bug catching Get your Bug net ready! We're releasing an early WIP bug-catching system! Eventually, you will donate bugs and unlock an area for them at the Museum (not ready for Alpha). In the meantime, purchase a bug net at the Beach Shack, and start catching!

P.S. the bug models are placeholder and not final. [There are different types of bugs depending on the time of day, location, and seasons.] [Not a-sneaking-type of farmer? Don't worry. Find slow bugs. Shown above: caterpillar. Adorable and slow.] [Careful though! Some bugs are very fast and perceptive of human movement. Sneaking might just be necessary to catch them.] Thank you to all the backers that made bug-catching a reality in Coral Island. This is one of the first stretch goals we unlocked on Kickstarter. Player house upgrade You can now upgrade the house! In the first house upgrade, you will receive a kitchen that allows you to cook various dishes. Pay a visit to the Carpenters and they'll be able to help you with upgrading the house. Make sure to bring enough money! [the exterior of the first house upgrade] [look at all that space, plus a built-in kitchen!] Coral Shopping Have too much money and don't know where to spend it? Worry not. Introducing Coral Shopping! Here you'll find items to complete your Kitchen. Check out the channel on your TV to find out what's for sale. Then, head to Socket & Pan to make a purchase. New items are available for purchase every Tuesday! [a look at what the shopping flow looks like... purchased items are installed in your kitchen. Anyone else feel a little nostalgic?] Cooking part 1 In Coral Island, there are two ways to cook. By recipes and manual. You can simply click on any learned recipe on the recipe tab or do it the old-fashioned way, mix and match. High risk, high return, right? [there are around 10 utensils to collect... I spy, with my little eye, a Blender, Grill...what else?] [recipes tab are the easiest way to cook things you've already cooked before] [the manual tab is for the adventurous; mix and match utensils and ingredients and unlock recipes yourself through trial and error. PS, please don't mind the placeholder art above] Please note Alpha players, only the recipe section is available in the 0.04 update. Revamped Buildings This month, we're showcasing Socket & Pan, Salon, Community Center, and Jim's house. Keep in mind that Salon's, animal shelter's and clothing store's features are NOT ready for Alpha...that said, don't let it stop you from exploring the interiors. There might be interesting notes in there. Exteriors [Socket & Pan] [Jim's House. This is where Jim, Lily and Theo live.] Interiors The animal shelter is where you'll go to adopt a pet. For all the Kickstarter backers with the Pet Design tier, this is where you can meet your pet! Also worth noting, the Community Center is one of the largest interiors we've worked on to date. [The Community Center has 5 rooms inside it: Yoga room, White Flamingo clothing store, town hall, library, and an animal shelter. We're not going to show more due to SPOILERS] [Salon is run by Emily and Erika. One word = chic.] [Socket & Pan. Submit your TV shopping orders here!] Cutscenes & dialogue More edited dialogues, more cutscenes, more fun! Other updates - Added a WIP Town Rank system, check it out in the community center - Experimenting with additional simplified daytime music - Experimenting with cloud shadows in the game - Display player objective in the Diving UI level selector - Completed exteriors not listed: Mansion and Clinic - Unlocked the Look Out area, now accessible to Alpha players - Added a WIP glossary section to the main UI What's next? Next month, for Alpha v0.05, we've got a lot planned:

- Open up the Woodlands area to Alpha players
- Unlock farm building upgrades (for barn and coop) and the Greenhouse
- First version of the Town Rank system that ties the game together
- New Q&A dialogue system with NPC's (unlock questions/topics to discuss with an NPC as you get closer with them) - More revamped buildings (exteriors and interiors) - And much more! Thanks for reading, Stairway Team


30 Jun 2021

June 2021 Dev Update

Welcome to the June 2021 Coral Island development update! Please check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more: swg.gg/corstm For this month’s developer update, we will share more details of the upcoming Alpha. Alpha Content To start, we want to be transparent and share with you all that Alpha content for 0.01 will be a bit different from what we originally planned. We are a bit behind in some areas and ahead in others. The worsening pandemic in Indonesia has made it an incredibly challenging time for production. In the past month, several of our team members became infected with Covid; as of this update, a couple more are out sick because of it. It’s not all bad news, though. Despite all this, Alpha will still release as scheduled on July 31st. Below you will find a revised breakdown of what you can expect from the initial Alpha 0.01 release: Recap To summarize the highlights of what you will be able to do during Alpha 0.01: Play the game in English (the only available language for now!) Create your character with basic customization (limited body types, hairstyles, and outfits) Play through the Spring Season (the season will be looped) Experience basic weather (Sunny, Rainy, Windy) Decorate your house with basic furniture Plant 12 Spring Crops Enter the Blacksmith, Carpenter, Museum, Lab, & Charles’ House. Upgrade your tools & seeds Craft basic items Increase NPCs’ hearts to 2 (unlock more dialogue) Dive the North, South, West, and East maps @ 10m depth Mine 25 levels in the Earth Gate Obtain Skills (Tier 1 only) Do basic Quests Donate basic items to the Museum Things that didn’t make it for Alpha 0.01: Ranching system (no chicken army) Purchasing farm building Heart event cutscenes Some introduction cutscenes Basic onboarding In addition, here are ten things that you should do on Alpha 0.01! Be mentally and physically prepared to start over your game, many many times. Stumble upon surprising and unexpected bugs (like noodle hands!) Report the bugs to us to be fixed Waiting patiently while we do maintenance for the fixes Sending us your feedback and suggestions for us to improve Finding out our hidden Easter Egg! Explore the beautiful island and meet its wonderful residents Listening to some beautiful OST music while you’re playing Share the experience with fellow Alpha players Last but not least, and most importantly - have fun! Thanks for reading, Stairway Team


31 Mar 2021

March 2021 Dev Update

Welcome to the March 2021 Coral Island development update! Please check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more: swg.gg/corstm In March 2021, we hired more devs, set a new benchmark for NPC 3d models, got the ball rolling on interior improvements, worked on alpha content, and managed the pre-order store! Let's take a closer look: We hired more devs! NPC 3d models, new and improved… Now with fingers! We are working on the new benchmark for Coral Island's NPC model. With the current timeline, we expect to have all NPC's in their Spring outfits ready for the early access release. We've updated the scale, body proportion and tweaked lots of details. During alpha, all NPC's will be released with old models, as the new ones are not yet ready. Check it out! [Alice and Theo Status: Work-in-progress. 3d modelling, emotional growth and otherwise.] Brand new interior designs We are improving the interiors by making them feel lived in. To do this, we look into each NPC’s unique characteristics and fuse them into the design of their bedroom, kitchen, and even the whole house… This means we'll be creating over 1000+ unique props to accommodate this major change (on top of the current available common props!). [Archie's room concept art. Spot the guling!] [Archie's room in-game. Status: WIP] For the Coral Island Alpha Access, most rooms will only have placeholder assets. Each room is a work in progress and we will use common props for a lot of the interiors. Bear in mind that some rooms, and even buildings, will be inaccessible for Players during Alpha. [Alice's room concept art] Public Roadmap The alpha release is delayed to July 2021. We are asking for an extra month to polish the experience. Going into Kickstarter, we did not expect to receive this level of support. There are over 20k alpha farmers! While this is amazing and we are very grateful for it, to be candid, it also feels daunting. To make the most out of your feedback, we will be releasing content and features in 3 tranches for Alpha. Please take a look at the roadmap below: Pre-order Store The exclusive reward (Premium outfits, Crowns, and Mythical pets) ends at 10 pm EST (GMT-4) on March 31st, 2021. The store will be closed for 1 hour to reflect this change. Starting April 1st, 2021, the Coral Island pre-order store only has: 1. Alpha pack (steam only) 2. Double-double pack (steam only) 3. Coral Island game key (steam only) 4. Digital Art Book + OST 5. Pre-order exclusive Pack (Alpha access + steam game key + artbook + ost) March pre-order Double-Double, Deluxe Farmers, and Pioneers backers will receive the survey by next week. If you do not receive/ fill in the survey, please do not worry. It does not cancel your order. Language Coral Island is adding Dutch and Italian to our list of localization. Here is the list of language that Coral Island will support: Bug of the month Spinning Giants for the win! Thanks for reading,
Stairway Team


30 Nov 2020

November 2020 (mini) Dev Update

Welcome to the November 2020 Coral Island development update!
Please check out our Steam page to wishlist the game and find out more: swg.gg/corstm Character Reveals Meet Bree, Jim, Randy, Emily, Luke (left to right)! Bree. This model-turned-housewife spends her days doing quality control for her vineyard. She is also an excellent homemaker who loves cooking gourmet meals and throwing parties. With a little bit of light detective work, Bree should be in her late 40s, though she's never directly confirmed this. To this day, it remains a mystery. Jim. As a retired fisherman, he used to supply fish and seafood to local establishments. His son Theo inherited his boat and now fishes, something Jim is indifferent towards. With plenty of time on his hand, he spends the day making killer smoke salmon and helps run the Beach Shack. Randy. As a full-time elementary teacher, Randy's remarkable ability to explain complex ideas in a very simple and easy-to-understand manner comes in handy. When he isn’t at school, he can be found at the Vineyard enjoying a glass of wine with his wife, Ling, or reading at the Library. Emily. She runs the hair salon with Erika and lives on the second floor of the General Store, with her husband, Sam. The couple has been wanting to start a family since getting married, however have been unsuccessful. Emily has a heart for vintage items and thinks mushrooms are disgusting. Luke. Coming from old-money, this bachelor lives with his parents and dog, Taco, in the manor behind the vineyard; a family business that he feels pressured to take over. Not a fan of the silver spoon, Luke runs Socket Electronics in his spare time in an attempt to create a name for himself, separate from his family legacy. The Lineup So Far Farm Animals: Goat and Sheep For Coral Island's Cow and Pig concept art, we went with a cute and kind-looking design, so we thought it would be fun to switch it up to a dignified and brisk look for Goat. Goat. A barn-dwelling animal. They produce Goat Milk which can be turned into Goat Cheese for a premium charge. PS: extra goatee for that extra wise look. Another barn-dweller, Sheep! Sheep can be sheared for its wool every several days. Keep in mind that a bad mood slows down wool growth. Also, we decided to go with four growth stages to emphasize its design. Animation: Cow This month, we want to share Coral Island's cow animation. As shown above, Cow is idling, presumably grazing grass outdoor on a sunny day! Don't worry about leaving your farm animals outside. To retire at the end of the day, cows will walk themselves back into the barn. So, relax and go about your business! Summer Main Theme Music After several attempts to choose the right Summer vibe and countless tweaks to master it, we present you with Coral Island's main Summer music. We incorporate traditional instruments, such as Siter Jawa (from Indonesia). Let us know what you think! What's Next Next month, we will be revealing 3 more characters, some animal showcase, and music. It's also a month away from the announcement trailer! As always, your feedback is appreciated.

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